Stories of the sea in former days, narratives of wreck and rescue

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Blackie, 1885 - 256 pages

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Page 3 - True to the Old Flag: A Tale of the American War of Independence. By GA HENTY. With 12 page Illustrations by GORDON BROWNE.
Page 3 - British soldiers have been engaged did they behave with greater courage and good conduct. The historical portion of the book being accompanied with numerous thrilling adventures with the redskins on the shores of Lake Huron, a story of exciting interest is interwoven with the general narrative and carried through the book.
Page 28 - This is a legend wrought into a story, rendering a fiction of Life in Russia, something more than a hundred years ago; a state of things which, as the author says, " is now impossible, and will soon become incredible.
Page 227 - Notwithstanding the roughness with which I was treated, the remembrance of past kindnesses produced some signs of remorse in Christian. When they were forcing me out of the ship, I asked him if this treatment was a proper return for the many instances he had received of my friendship ? he appeared disturbed at my question, and answered, with much emotion, " That, Captain Bligh, that is the thing ; — I am in hell...
Page 255 - They lay like carcasses ; and hope was none, Save in the breeze that came not : savagely They glared upon each other — all was done, Water, and wine, and food, — and you might see The longings of the cannibal arise (Although they spoke not) in their wolfish eyes.
Page 3 - Cloth elegant, 2*. 6d. Stories of shipwreck, famine, mutiny, and the other misfortunes which befall the mariner, will always be appreciated by those who love to read of deeds of daring, and to ponder on the lessons which may be drawn from them. This volume comprises narratives of occurrences which have become historical, such as the ever-memorable mutiny of the Bounty, and many others of equal interest.
Page 23 - A story of plot and character dealing with some out of the many scenes of London life, and founded on the strange bequest left by a sea captain, and the endeavours of some unscrupulous persons to obtain possession of it before the discovery of the true heir in the person of a neglected street Arab. The story is lively and attractive, and the incidents move so quickly that the attention of the reader is sustained throughout. "A capital story for boys. It is very simply and brightly written. There...
Page 24 - The incidents are wholly founded on the real experiences of those who figure in them. They have been carefully selected from numerous sources. THE NEWSPAPER READER. Selections from leading Journals of the Nineteenth Century on Events of the Day. By HF BUSSEY and TW REID.
Page 6 - ... THE INFINITELY LITTLE. A Sketch of Contrasts in Creation, and Marvels revealed and explained by Natural Science. By FA POUCHET, MD Illustrated by 273 Engravings on wood, of which 56 are full-page size.
Page 23 - The strange adventures of a very young lady, showing how she met with the wonderful people of nursery legend and the manner of her introduction to them. A tale for the Little Ones; founded on a fanciful reference to well-known characters of juvenile song and story.

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