Revue légale, Volume 7

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Wilson & Lafleur, 1875

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Page 546 - It shall be lawful for the Queen, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate and House of Commons, to make Laws for the Peace, Order, and good Government of Canada, in relation to all Matters not coming within the Classes of Subjects by this Act assigned exclusively to the Legislatures of the Provinces...
Page 549 - ... for greater certainty, but not so as to restrict the generality of the foregoing terms of this section, it is hereby declared that (notwithstanding anything in this act) the exclusive legislative authority of the parliament of Canada extends to all matters coming within the classes of subjects next hereinafter enumerated, that is to say : — (1) The public debt and property.
Page 552 - That the power of taxation is one of vital importance; that it is retained by the states; that it is not abridged by the grant of a similar power to the government of the Union; that it is to be concurrently exercised by the two governments: are truths which have never been denied.
Page 551 - And any Matter coming within any of the Classes of Subjects enumerated in this Section shall not be deemed to come within the Class of Matters of a local or private Nature comprised in the Enumeration of the Classes of Subjects by this Act assigned exclusively to the Legislatures of the Provinces.
Page 550 - Shop, Saloon, Tavern, Auctioneer, and other Licenses in order to the raising of a Revenue for Provincial, Local, or Municipal Purposes.
Page 551 - The imposition of punishment by fine, penalty, or imprisonment for enforcing any law of the province made in relation to any matter coming within any of the classes of subjects enumerated in this section: 16.
Page 551 - It shall be lawful for the queen, by and with the advice and consent of the senate and house of commons, to make laws for the peace, order and good government of Canada, in relation to all matters not coming within the classes of subjects by this act assigned exclusively to the legislatures of the provinces...
Page 221 - On the trial of an election petition under this Act the judge shall, subject to the provisions of this Act, have the same powers, jurisdiction, and authority as a judge of one of the superior courts and as a judge of assize and nisi prins, and the court held by him shall be a court of record.
Page 549 - The Constitution of our country, in its most interesting and vital parts, is to be considered, the conflicting powers of the government of the Union and of its members, as marked in that Constitution, are to be discussed, and an opinion given, which may essentially influence the great operations of the government. No tribunal can approach such a question without a deep sense of its importance and of the awful responsibility involved in its decision.
Page 18 - ... de Rome, soumise à la suprématie du roi, déclarée et établie par un acte fait dans la première année du règne de la reine...

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