The Chronology and Geography of Ancient Egypt: Illustrated by Plates of the Kings' Names and Maps of the Country

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E. Moxon, 1849 - 21 pages

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Page 17 - ... gave up Heliopolis to Jacob and his children, "we shall probably come very near to the truth," as K. v. Raumer says, Beitr. Zur. bibl. Geogr., p. 1, " if we assume that the land of Goshen was the strip of cultivated land which runs from Heliopolis, on the south-west, towards the north-east, and is bounded on the east by the Arabian desert, and on the west by the eastern arms of the Nile...
Page 2 - ... Notice of the Monuments of Egypt, by SS London, 1854. 8°. Egyptian Antiquities in the British Museum, described by SS Illustrated, pp. xix. 196. London (JR Smith), 1862. 12°. Egyptian Hieroglyphics ; being an attempt to explain their nature, origin, and meaning. With a Vocabulary. London, 1861. 8°. Egyptian Inscriptions from the British Museum and other sources. 120 plates (in lithography). London (Moxon), 1837-41. Second Series. 96 plates. London, 1848-56. Egyptian Mythology and Egyptian...

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