Substate Regionalism and the Federal System: A look to the North, Canadian regional experience

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Page 7 - In each province the legislature may exclusively make laws in relation to matters coming within the classes of subjects next hereinafter enumerated, that is to say — 1) The amendment from time to time, notwithstanding anything in this act, of the constitution of the province, except as regards the office of lieutenant-governor.
Page 3 - NB Saskatoon, Sask. Sudbury, Ont. Thunder Bay, Ont. Toronto, Ont. Vancouver, BC Victoria, BC Windsor, Ont. Winnipeg, Man.
Page 89 - We are poor and need political help. Ukrainian farmers and workers depend for their livelihood on the more powerful. This forces us to support a politically influential party. Affiliation with small radical parties brings us Ukrainians only discredit, and ruin.
Page 35 - Construction and maintenance of pumping stations, treatment plants, trunk mains, and reservoirs for the wholesale distribution of water to the 13 municipalities.
Page 22 - To enquire into and report upon the taxation and revenue system of the Province of Ontario and its municipalities and school boards in relation to their expenditures, the tax and revenue sources available to them, their debts and other financial obligations, with a view to determining whether, within the constitutional limitations existing and having regard to present...
Page 35 - The designation of highways as metropolitan roads, and the establishment of an arterial system of highways. Financing to be split evenly with the province. Transportation. The former Toronto Transportation Commission became the Toronto Transit Commission, with responsibility for public transportation throughout the metropolitan area. Education. The Metropolitan School Board was given responsibility for coordinating educational facilities in the metropolitan area, and charged with paying a grant to...
Page 35 - ... municipalities. Sewage Disposal. Construction and maintenance of trunk sewer mains and sewage treatment plants to provide a metropolitan sewage disposal system which would accept sewage on a wholesale basis from the area municipalities.
Page 89 - That strike has been entirely misrepresented. I know the inside details intimately. Without hesitation I say that there was not a single foreigner in a position of leadership, though foreigners were falsely arrested to give color to this charge. ... In short, it was the biggest hoax that was ever "put over
Page 114 - Corporation shall not be conducted for profit, and it is hereby declared to be a charitable and benevolent institution and all of its funds and property shall be exempt from taxation. (d) The Corporation shall have perpetual succession and shall have power to acquire, hold, and dispose of real and personal property, and generally to do all lawful acts necessary to carry out the functions vested in it by this Act and to provide for the operation of the hospital center established in accordance with...

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