An exposition of the nature, force, action, and other properties of gravitation on the planets [by J. Denison].

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Whittaker and Company, Ave Maria Lane, 1842 - 40 pages

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Page 9 - The cubes of the mean distances of the planets from the sun are proportional to the squares of their times of revolution.
Page 4 - ... the squares of the periodic times are as the cubes of the distances from the common centre, the centripetal forces will be inversely as the squares of the distances.
Page 10 - A new Analogy for determining the distances of the Planets from the Sun, and of the Satellites from their Primaries.
Page 22 - In experimental philosophy, propositions collected from the phznomena by induction are to be deemed (notwithstanding contrary hypotheses) either exactly or very nearly true, till other phznomena occur, by which they may be rendered either more accurate, or liable to exception.
Page 1 - An Exposition of the Nature, Force, Action, and other properties of Gravitation on the Planets.
Page 3 - Author has propounded two new analogies, viz. that the velocities of the planets in their orbits are inversely as the square roots of their distances from the Sun...
Page 22 - ... position of the stars with respect to these points and circles, as also the phenomena occurring in the sphere of the Heavens. 2. Theoretical Astronomy, which enables us to determine from observation the true paths of the heavenly bodies, particularly of the planets. 3. Physical Astronomy, which gives the laws by which the motions of the heavenly bodies are regulated, shows how these motions are to be calculated according to the rules of mechanics, and finally combines all that is known up to...

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