Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Volume 6

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American Society of Civil Engineers., 1880
Vols. for Jan. 1896-Sept. 1930 contain a separately page section of Papers and discussions which are published later in revised form in the society's Transactions. Beginning Oct. 1930, the Proceedings are limited to technical papers and discussions, while Civil engineering contains items relating to society activities, etc.

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Page 13 - WOODWORKING MACHINERY. Its Rise, Progress, and Construction. With Hints on the Management of Saw Mills and the Economical Conversion of Timber. Illustrated with Examples of Recent Designs by leading English, French, and American Engineers. By M. Powis BALE, AMInst.CE, MIME Second Edition, Revised, with large Additions, large crown 8vo, 440 pp., cloth .... 9/O
Page 59 - Handbook of Specifications. THE HANDBOOK OF SPECIFICATIONS ; or, Practical Guide to the Architect, Engineer, Surveyor, and Builder, in drawing up Specifications and Contracts for Works and Constructions. Illustrated by Precedents of Buildings actually executed by eminent Architects and Engineers. By Professor THOMAS L. DONALDSON...
Page 11 - The Electrical Researches of the Honourable Henry Cavendish, FRS Written between 1771 and 1781, Edited from the original manuscripts in the possession of the Duke of Devonshire, KG, by J. CLERK MAXWELL, FRS Demy 8vo. cloth, i8s. Hydrodynamics, a Treatise on the Mathematical Theory of Fluid Motion, by HORACE LAMB, MA, formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; Professor of Mathematics in the University of Adelaide.
Page 79 - Members of any class, during the year for which the medal is awarded, shall be open to the award, provided that such papers shall not have been previously contributed in whole or in part to any other association, nor have appeared in print prior to their publication by the Society, nor...
Page 12 - Steam and the Steam Engine, Stationary and Portable. Being an Extension of the Treatise on the Steam Engine of Mr. J. SEWELL. . By DK CLARK, CE...
Page 79 - ... shall not have been previously contributed in whole or in part to any other association, nor have appeared in print prior to their publication by the Society, nor have been published in the Transactions in any previous year.
Page 79 - I. — Competition for the Norman Medal of the American Society of Civil Engineers shall be restricted to Members of the Society. II. - There shall be one gold medal, and only one, struck for each and every fiscal year of the Society, and awarded as hereinafter provided. The dies therefor shall be with the Superintendent of the United States Mint at Philadelphia, in trust exclusively for the above purpose. Such medal shall be of a cost equal to the annual interest received upon $1,000 of the Consolidated...
Page 79 - Institution must not, as a body, be considered responsible for the facts and opinions advanced in the Papers, or in the consequent discussions; and it must be understood, that such Papers may have Medals and Premiums awarded to them, on account of the Science, Talent, or Industry displayed in the consideration of the subject, and for the good which may be expected to result from the discussion...
Page 58 - NORTON'S (CB) American Inventions and Improvements in Breech-Loading Small Arms, Heavy Ordnance, Machine Guns, Magazine Arms, Fixed Ammunition, Pistols, Projectiles, Explosives, and other Munitions of War, including a chapter on Lifebaving Projectiles and Sporting Arms.
Page 91 - The annual contributions shall become due for the ensuing year on the first day of January, and shall be payable in advance. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to notify each member of the amount due for the ensuing year at the time of giving notice of the Annual Meeting.

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