Æschyli Eumenides, with Engl. notes, an Engl. verse tr. and an intr., containing an analysis of the Dissertations of C.O. Müller, by B. Drake

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Page 109 - Prize Essay for 1877. 8vo. 8.r. 6V. SMITH— Works by the Rev. BARNARD SMITH, MA, Rector of Glaston, Rutland, late Fellow and Senior Bursar of St. Peter's College, Cambridge. ARITHMETIC AND ALGEBRA, in their Principles and Application ; with numerous systematically arranged Examples taken from the Cambridge Examination Papers, with especial reference to the Ordinary Examination for the BA Degree.
Page 102 - The Fitness of Holy Scripture for Unfolding the Spiritual Life of Man : Christ the Desire of all Nations ; or, the Unconscious Prophecies of Heathendom. Hulsean Lectures.
Page 109 - WILSON (WP)— A TREATISE ON DYNAMICS. By WP WILSON, MA, Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Professor of Mathematics in Queen's College, Belfast. 8vo.
Page 104 - The Child's Grammar. Being the substance of the above, with Examples for Practice. Adapted for Junior Classes. A New Edition. 18mo. limp cloth, Is.
Page 99 - Whatever obscurity there may be in our author's other writings, here at least there Is none. We cannot but rejoice that it is so, and that thus so much that is true and valuable becomes popular.
Page 109 - HEMMING— AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON THE DIFFERENTIAL AND INTEGRAL CALCULUS, for the Use of Colleges and Schools. By GW HEMMING, MA, Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. Second Edition, with Corrections and Additions. 8vo.
Page 109 - Edition of The Elements of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry. Greatly improved and enlarged. By JC SNOWBALL, MA, Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. Crown 8vo. cloth, 7s. 6d. This edition has been carefully revised by the author, and some important alterations and additions have been introduced. A large addition has been made to the collection of EXAMPLES FOR PRACTICE. " Excellent
Page 105 - Dissertations ; and an English Metrical Translation. By BERNARD DRAKE, MA, Fellow of King's College, Cambridge; Editor of
Page 106 - JUVENAL— Juvenal : chiefly from the Text of Jahn. With English Notes for the Use of Schools. By JEB MAYOR, MA Fellow and Classical Lecturer of St. John's College, Cambridge. Crown 8vo. cloth, 10s.
Page 97 - Phaethon; or Loose Thoughts for Loose Thinkers. By the Rev. CHARLES KINGSLEY, Canon of Middleham and Rector of Eversley; Author of " The Saint's Tragedy,

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