The Canadian Record of Science, Volume 5

Front Cover
Natural History Society., 1893
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Page 317 - Till at length a small green feather From the earth shot slowly upward. Then another and another. And before the summer ended Stood the maize in all its beauty, With its shining robes about it, And its long, soft, yellow tresses; And in rapture Hiawatha Cried aloud, 'It is Mondamin! Yes, the friend of man, Mondamin!
Page 88 - Glaciation of Newfoundland." He was elected a Fellow of the Geological Society of London in 1870, and in 1878 was created a CMG through the recommendation of Sir John Glover, then Governor of Newfoundland. When Logan and Murray commenced the Geological Survey of old Canada the greater part of the areas of both provinces were uninhabited, unsurveyed and unknown. The problem before them was to ascertain the general geological structure and the geographical distribution of the rock formations, in spite...
Page 380 - Observer' at a salary of 100£ per annum, his duty being 'forthwith to apply himself with the most exact care and diligence to the rectifying the tables of the motions of the heavens and the places of the fixed stars, so as to find out the so much desired longitude of places for the perfecting the art of navigation.
Page 468 - In no single instance were any special affinities found with any characteristically southern form, though several are most nearly allied to species found there as well as in the north. A few seem to be most nearly related to Pacific forms, such as the Elaphrus and one each of the species of Platynus and Pterostichus. On the whole, the fauna has a...
Page 7 - Stems branching dichotomously, and covered with interrupted ridges. Leaves rudimentary or short, rigid and pointed ; in barren stems, numerous and spirally arranged; in fertile stems and branchlets sparsely scattered or absent; in decorticated specimens represented by minute punctate scars.
Page 354 - This usage has its advantages and disadvantages, but the latter seem to preponderate; and it would "be well if, in consequence, it could be broken through, and the civil reckoning substituted.
Page 276 - ... attract the attention and secure the visits of insects ; and thus, just as our gardeners, by selecting seed from the most beautiful varieties, have done so much to adorn our gardens, so have insects, by...
Page 68 - Murray mine may be cited as illustrating the latter. 2nd. As impregnations of these minerals through the diabase or gabbro, which are sometimes so rich and considerable as to form workable deposits. These sulphides are in no case present as disseminations through the clastic rocks very distant from the diabase or gabbro, which seems clear evidence that they have been brought up by the latter. 3rd. As segregated veins which may have been filled subsequently to the irruption which brought up the more...
Page 70 - ... gumbo hills,' of the Bad Lands bordering the Little Missouri in North Dakota. Both the hills and the naked clayey flats between them abound in alkali vents—miniature craterlets—where the alkali effloresces, crusting over the surface in patches which resemble newly fallen snow. Many of the hills are capped with fossil wood, and many of the flats and lower levels east of the Little Colorado River are strewn with chips and pieces which have tumbled down during the wearing away of the hill-sides....
Page 317 - Kahgahgee, the king of ravens. Till at length a small green feather From the earth shot slowly upward, Then another and another, And before the Summer ended Stood the maize in all its beauty, With its shining robes about it, And its long, soft, yellow tresses...

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