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mon, or of any particular sentiments expressed in it, without exceeding all proper bounds: it must suffice to give a very brief analysis, and a specimen equally brief, for the guidance of our readers. In considering what is meant by the power of God, Mr. H. observes that it must be distinct from any thing we can conceive it is neither delegated authority, physical strength,' mechanical force,' nor that kind of intellectual energy' which operates in human creatures by means of matter. He next considers its peculiarities in relation to the other divine attributes, and in comparison with the faculties of created intelligences. Its operations are then displayed in the instances of creation, providence, redemption; the last of which is discussed at some length in respect to past, present, and future times. The disccurse is terminated with a reference to those feeling of reverence in all beings, of dread in the guilty, of consolation and dependence in the devout, and of confident hope and determination in the Christian church, which a view of the divine omnipotence is adapted to excite. It will be evident that so extensive a plan, while it ensured dignity and impression to the sermon, must preclude the possibility of doing justice to any of its parts, Mr. Hunt's forcible manner will be discerned even in the very short passage that follows.

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Behold Him then in creation! Almighty goodness has given being to unnumbered worlds. Behold him in providence! Almighty wisdom directs the affairs of a universe. Contemplate him in redeniption! Almighty love spreads its celestial wings over a guilty world, anxious to take under its protection the returning sinner. Behold him in heaven! All his perfections, arrayed in omnipotence, combine to diffuse happiness to innumerable myriads of immortal spirits. Behold him! shall I say, behold him in hell? Yes, for there fallen spirits, held by almighty justice, lie "reserved under chains of darkness until the judgement of the great day." And shall not our spirits, every where surrounded by an omnipotent God, bow with the most profound reverence; and especially on an occasion like the present say, "How dreadful is this place! it is none other than the house of God; it is the gate of heaven." pp. 44-45.

Art. XXI. Important Considerations, respectfully addressed to a distintinguished Female Invalid; and published with a View to the Benefit of other Patients at the Bristol Hot Wells. 12mo. pp. 46. price 1s. Seeley, Hatchard, Button, Burditt. 1808.

THE title of this pamphlet indicates its peculiar fitness for a local cir

culation; but we hope the very interesting circumstances to which it refers, and the pleasing manner in which it is written, may procure an admission for the truly important considerations which it comprises to many a sick chamber in remote spheres of fashionable life. It seems to have been sent in MS. to a late beautiful and widowed Countess, by the widow of a worthy clergyman in Oxfordshire.

Art. XXII. Analysis of Ward's Errata of the Protestant Bible," a Work published in England in 1688, for the Purpose of exposing the Protestant Bible and Protestant Clergy to Ridicule and Contempt; and republished in Dublin for the same Purpose in Sept. 1807. By the Rev. Edward Ryan, D. D. 8vo. pp. 63. Dublin, Jones; Rivington, Longman

and Co. 1808.

DR. Ryan had an easy task, though apparently a necessary and useful
one, to perform, in exposing the absurdities and errors of Ward's-
Vol. V.

"Errata." His Analysis is not very learned or elaborate: but it is sufficiently so for the purpose, which we hope it will extensively accomplish, on the other side of the Channel, of vindicating the Protestants from misrepresentation, and counteracting the illiberal artifices of their ill-advised and restless enemies.

Art. XXIII. Sunday Papers. Addressed to Youth; on the Importance of Practical Religion. 12mo. pp. 134. price 2s. 6d. Hatchard, 1808. ONSIDERING the expediency of presenting the most important truths and topics in every variety of form, we have no hesitation in recommending this little work. "The author (M. A. of Fulham) wrote these papers," we are told, "for the benefit of her own children, to be laid on their breakfast-table on the day peculiarly set apart for religious instruction." The subjects are "True religion, the advantages of early piety, the sabbath, the old and new covenants, Christian knowledge, the providence of God, the worship of God, the love of God, the Holy Spirit, the Christian graces, humility, pride, truth (veracity), prayer, the proper use of reason and the passions in religion, Christian conversation, self-command, advantages and disadvantages of riches, why the sabbath is often found wearisome, perseverance, death." The remarks are with few exceptions just and useful; though they have no pretensions to depth or novelty. Art. XXIV. The Influence and Advantages of Religion; exemplified in the History of Hannah and Samuel. Adapted to the Use of Societies instituted for the Relief of Lying-in-Women. 12mo. pp. 16. price 3d. or 18s. per Hundred. Button, Maxwell & Co. 1809.


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HE history of Hannah is very properly chosen as the subject of this little tract; the good advice which it contains of a religious and prudential kind, and the familiar friendly style in which it is drawn up, intitle it to the notice of those Societies and Individuals for whose use it is benevolently designed.

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Art. XXV. A Letter to the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of London; containing a Statement of the immoral and disgraceful Scenes which are every Evening exhibited in the public Streets by Crowds of halfnaked and unfortunate Prostitutes. To which is added, a Postscript, containing an Address to the Magistrates of London, Westminster, and the Borough of Southwark. By a Citizen. The Profits of this Publication will be given for the Support of the London Female Peni tentiary. 8vo. pp. 36. Price 1s. Williams and Co. 1808. THE purpose of this letter is evident from the title; it is addressed to the venerable Prelate, with the hope of prevailing on him to exert his influence by means of the clergy and parochial officers within his jurisdiction: and the precise object to which the worthy writer would direct their efforts, is to drive from the public streets into less secure and accessible haunts, a nuisance which has of late become much more extensive and insulting than at any former period. Whatever may be thought of other projects for diminishing the evil, we conceive that this at least is practicable, that it is liable to no sound objection, and that it might be rendered to a very great extent efficacious and salutary. The public is much indebted to all writers who excite their attention to those shameful and pernicious practices which disgrace the police of the metropolis; but far more to those who call on the proper persons, and point out the proper methods, to remove the evils which they denounce.


Gentlewen and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige the Conductors of the ECLECTIC REVIEW, by sending information (post paid,) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works; which they may depend upon being communicated to the public, if consistent with its plan.

Soon will be published, in ten sheets, a Topographical Map of the Pyrenees, principally taken from the French survey, with considerable additions, extending from Bayonne and Perpignan in the North, to the mouth of the Ebro and Burgos in the South; including the Provinces of Arragon, Catalonia, Navarre, and Biscay. By A. Arrowsmith. This Map will exhibit every small Village, and other Objects of Note, with all the minute and difficult passes through this great barrier, inhabited both sides of the Mountains.. Price three guineas to subscribers, to whom the map will be delivered in the order it is subscribed for. The price will be advanced to non-subscribers,


On the first of January, 1809, and on the first of every succeeding month, will be published, under the authority of the Sccretary at War, a Monthly Army List, of a Pocket Size; to contain, in addition to the General, Field, and Regimental Officers, the Names of all Officers employed upon the Staff of the Army, both at Home and Abroad, in the Civil as well as Military Departments.

In a few days will be published, in 2 vols.' 4to. 51, 5s. and imperial 8vo. 31. 3s. in extra boards, embellished with forty highly finished engravings, from designs, by S. Howlett, engraved under the direction of E. Orme, and printed in a superior style, by W. Bulmer. The Indian Sportsman, a complete description of the Wild Sports of the East; the Elephant-RhinocerosTiger-Leopard Bear-Deer-BuffaloWolf-Wild Hog-Jackall-Wild Dogthe Civet, and most other undomesticated animals; also the feathered game-Fishes

and Serpents. Interspersed with a variety of interesting anecdotes relative to their habits. The scenery gives a faithful representation of that Picturesque Country, the Manners, and Customs of the Native and European Inhabitants. By Capt. Tho.. mas Williamson, upwards of twenty years resident in Bengal.

Messrs.. Leigh and S. Sotheby will sell by auction, during this Winter and succeeding Spring, the following Libraries and Col

lections. Due notice will be given of the time of each sale.

1. A very rare and curious collection of prints and books of prints, the property of a Gentleman, well known as a Literary Amateur, containing some rare Portraits, fine Specimens of carly Masters, and a large collection of the Works of Hieronymus Wierx, &c.

2. The extensive and valuable collection of Botanical Prints, Drawings, and Books of Drawings, the property of the late John, Earl of Bute; comprising many hundred capital Botanical Drawings on paper and vellum; likewise all the plates, coloured and plain, of the Botanical Works then extant, formug a complete illustration of the Species Plantarum.

3. A select collection of Books, in Greek, Latin, English, Italian, and Spanish; being a considerable part of the Rev. Mr. Du tens's Library.

4. Library of James Sims, M, D. LL. D. F. R. S. brought from his house in Finsbury square.

5. The entire and valuable Library of the late John Thomas, Earl of Clanricarde, &c.

6. A Part of the Library of the late Right Hon. Richard, Baron of Penrhyn.

7. The very valuable Library of Sir William Smyth, Bart. containing a very fine. Collection of Classics, County History, &c. many on large paper.

S. Dr. Kitchner's Musical Library. The very extraordinary assemblage of Music, consisting of the complete Works of the best Composers, in very elegant Condition, principally bound by Kaltheeber; to which is added, a small miscellaneous Selection from his Library.

9. The valuable Library of James Stevens, Esq. of Camerton, containing a very capital Collection of Books -in Natural History, &c.

A new selection of the most favourite Poetical Pieces, elegantly printed in four small octavo volumes is just on the eve of publication, under the title of The Muses' Bower: the first volume, containing a collection of lyrical and pathetic pieces; the

second, narrative, humourous, and epistolary; the third, descriptive and sacred; and the fourth, selections from the classics of antiquity. The work is embellished with two highly-finished vignettes, engraved on wood by Clenne'.

A work at this time of peculiar utility will very shortly make its appearance; it is intitled, "The Brazil Pilot; or, a Description of the Coast of Brazil:" translated from the Portuguese of Manoel Pimentel, Principal Hydrographer to his Majesty John V. of Portugal. It will be accompanied by a considerable number of Charts of its Principal Ports, from manuscripts of undoubted authority never before published.

Proposals have been lately issued by Mr. James Morrison, Master of the Mercantile Academy at Glasgow, for publishing by subscription a work in two volumes octavo, intitled, The General Accomptant; being a complete course of Mercantile Computation and Accompts; adapted to modern practice.

Mr. Polwhele is printing a new edition of Local Attachment with Respect to Home, a Poem; as also, the Seventh Portion of the History of Cornwall; and he has completed his History of Devonshire, in three volumes folio

Mr. Taunton, Surgeon to the City and Finsbury Dispensaries, is about to publish a small work on Pathology, which will be illustrated with engravings.

The Rev. Russell Scott, of Portsmouth, has in the press a Sermon on the New Creation by Jesus Christ.

Mr. Thomas Newenham, author of an Inquiry into the Progress of Population in Ireland, is about to publish a View of the Natural, Political, and Commercial circumstances of that Country.

The History of Chili, natural, civil, and political, translated from the Italian of the Abbate Molina, with notes from the Spanish and French versions, is in the press at New York, in two octavo volumes. This work will be reprinted in London.

A work highly interesting to the English Antiquary, under the title of" An Historical Survey of the Ecclesiastical Antiquities of France, with a view to illustrate the rise and Progress of Gothic Architecture in Europe," which had long engaged the personal inspection and laborious researches of the late Rev. G. D. Whittington of Cainbridge, is now in the press, under the direction of some judicious and honourable friends; and will very soon be laid before the Public.

A New English Grammar, written in familiar Letters, and rendered an entertaining work, by Mr. Oulton, author of the Traveller's Guide, &c. is now in the press and will shortly make its appearance.

Also a Volume of Miscellaneous Poems, chiefly comic, by the same author, will be published about the same time.

Mr. W. R. Johnson's Poetical Pantheon, or Fabulous History of the Heathen Gods and illustrious Heroes in easy verse, accompanied with numerous Engravings is in a state of forwardness and will appear in the course of the ensuing Mouth.

Mr. Molineux, of Macclesfield, has in the press, in post quarto, the Short hand Instructor, or Stenographical Copy-book; designed as a companion to his Introduction to Mr. Byron's short hand.

A new Edition, very much improved and corrected, of Langhorne's Plutarch, by the Rev. Francis Wrangham, will appear this month.

A new edition of Mr. Thornton's Present State of Turkey, with very considerable additions and alterations, including a Map of the Turkish Empire and a Plan of Cong stantinople, is expected to appear this month.

Dr. Lambe will publish in the course of the month, Reports on the Effects of a pe culiar Regimen on Cancerous Tupiours and Ulcers.

Mr. Polwhele is employed in collecting the Correspondence and Papers of his Friend and Neighbour, Mr. Whitaker, with a view to the publication of his Memoirs in a quarto volume.

Mr. Bigland's View of the World, is in a state of great forwardness, at press, and will extend to five octavo volumes. It com-. prises a tolerably minute geographical description of all the Countries of the World, with an account of whatever is particularly remarkable in cach, followed by a sepa-, rate Historical View of every Nation and People.

Mr. Donovan is preparing for publication a Continuation of his History of British Birds.

Mr. Oulton has in the press a collection of Poems, chiefly comic, containing burlesque translations of Ovid and Horace, dramatic and miscellaneous pieces. Also, Letters from a Father to a Daughter on Female Education, with appropriate directions for instructing Young Ladies.

Memoirs of Dr. Paley, from the Pen of a Gentleman who was one of his parishib

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at B'shopwearmouth, are expected to appear in a few weeks.

Mr. Thomas Green of Liverpool, a youth of seventeen, has in the press a volume of Poems, which will appear early in this month.

The Rev. John Robinson, of Ravenstonedale, is engaged on a Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Dictionary; intended to comprise whatever is known concerning the Antiquities of the Hebrews, and to form a body of scripture history, geography, chronology, divinity, and ecclesiastical opinions. The Rev. W. L. Bowles will shortly publish a third volume of Poems,

The Rev. Dr. Vincent is preparing to publish the Greek Text of Arrian's Iudica and the Periplus; with a translation to acCompany his comments on those works.

The Rev. Dr. Rees, Editor of the New Cyclopedia, has in the press two volumes of Sermons, on practical and interesting subjects, which will be published early in the spring.

Mr. C. Sylvester, of Derby, has in the press an Elementary Treatise on Chemis try, the plan of which is said to be in many respects original.

In March next, is expected to appear in one large volume, Svo. price nine shillings in boards, to Subscribers, an Original Essay on the identity and general resurrection of the human body; in which the evidences in favour of these important subjects are considered in relation both to Philosophy and Scripture. By S. Drew, (of St. Austle, Cornwali,) author of an Original Essay on the immateriality and immortality of the human soul. The price to be advanced to nonSubscribers.

Proposals have been circulated for publishing by subscription, a new edition of the Practical works of the Rev. Richard Baxter; empr sing the four folio Volumes called his "Practical Works," and some other Pieces not included therein, with a New Life, written for the occasion, and an elegant Por trait of the Author. It is calculated that the Work will extend to Sixteen Volumes Octavo. A Volume to be published every Three Months, at Half a-Guinen each: the price to be raised to Non-subscribers.

Proposals are issued for publishing by Subscription, a History of Lynn, Civil, Ecclesiastical, Commercial, Biographical, Political, and Military, from its foundation (about the first age of the Christian Era) to the present time; interspersed with occasional Remarks on such national Occurren

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There have been many hints from the French press, in various publications, some eren in a demi-official form, on the subject of establishing an Union of the different sects of Christians under the domination of Napoleon. The most recent and considerable, we believe, is an octavo volume, price 3 fr.intitled Frecis Historique du Recueil des Pieces, &c. Historical Compendium of a

Collection of Documents on the various Plans, for the Union of all Christian communions, from the time of the Reformation to the Present Day. Collected and edited by M. Rabaut, Jua. Member of the Legislature and of the Legion of Honour.

Volumes 4, 5, 6, and 7, of Ancillon's View of the Revolutions in the Political System of Europe, from the end of the fifteenth Century, in 12mo. have been published at Paris, price 13 fr. 50 Cent. Tebleau des Rezolutions, &c.

Two historical Works of some interest have appeared at Paris;-a History of Russia, in 8vo. price 5fr. by the Author of La Voyage de Pythagore-and a View of the real Causes of the Decline of Poland, by M. de Komarzewski, late LieutenantGeneral in the Polish Ariny. (Coup d'œil rapide sur les Causes réelles de la Decadence de la Pologne, Syo. price 4 fr.

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