Analecta Anglo-saxonica: Selections, in Prose and Verse, from the Anglo-Saxon Literature: with an Introductory Ethnological Essay, and Notes, Critical and Explanatory, Volume 2

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G.P. Putnam, 1849

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Page 350 - Its chief and universal characteristic was a very regular alliteration, so arranged that in every couplet there should be two principal words in the first line beginning with the same letter, which letter must also be the initial of the first word, on which the stress of the voice falls in the second line.
Page 382 - Femina (seu sexu) seu mas est sive neutrum, / felix, quae Veneris foedera nulla colit. / Mors illi Venus est, sola est in morte voluptas: / ut possit nasci, appetit ante mori.

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