Oxford Essays, Volume 1

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John W. Parker and Son, 1855

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Page 308 - The New Cratylus; Contributions towards a more accurate Knowledge of the Greek Language. By Dr.
Page 57 - Mein Freund, die Zeiten der Vergangenheit Sind uns ein Buch mit sieben Siegeln; Was ihr den Geist der Zeiten heißt, Das ist im Grund der Herren eigner Geist, In dem die Zeiten sich bespiegeln.
Page 103 - More Worlds than One. The Creed of the Philosopher and the Hope of the Christian.
Page 2 - Conybeare and Howson.— The Life and Epistles of Saint Paul: Comprising a complete Biography of the Apostle, and a Translation of his Epistles inserted in Chronological Order. By the Rev. WJ CONYBEARE, MA, late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge ; and the Rev. JS HOWSON, MA, Principal of the Collegiate Institution, Liverpool.
Page 308 - Varronianus. A Critical and Historical Introduction to the Ethnography of Ancient Italy, and to the Philological Study of the Latin Language. By the late JW DONALDSON, DD Third Edition, revised and considerably enlarged. 8vo. 16*.
Page 11 - THE CHRONICLE OF THE KINGS OF NORWAY, From the Earliest Period of the History of the Northern Sea Kings to the Middle of the Twelfth Century, commonly called The Heimskringla. Translated from the Icelandic of Snorro Sturleson, with Notes, and a Preliminary Discourse, by SAMUEL LAINO, Author of " Notes of a Traveller,
Page 11 - Dr., History of England, from the First Invasion of the Romans to the reign of William and Mary, in the year 1688.
Page 308 - Independently of the original matter which will be found in almost every page, it is believed that this book presents a collection of known facts respecting the old languages of Italy which will be found in no single work, whether British or foreign, and which must be gleaned from a considerable number of rare and expensive publications ; and while the lists of Oscan and Etruscan glosses, and the...

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