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tion, there are single passages, which, taken by themselves, may be understood in different senses, though that alone can be the true sense, which is in perfect harmony with the ultimate object of the whole.

Although the view of Christianity, which will be exhibited in the course of study recommended in this volume, appears to me perfectly consistent with itself, and with all that we know of the attributes of God, I am well aware, that in some points I may be, as much greater men have been before me, mistaken. I do not therefore inscribe the volume to those alone, for whose use chiefly it is now published; but, together with them, to the various Professors of Divinity in the Universities of Great Britain and Ireland, and in the Scotch Episcopal Church, whose duty it will be to point out to their pupils, as well the mistakes as the merits, if they find any, in my directions for the study of Theology.

STIRLING, February 1, 1827.

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