Scientific Opinion, Volume 3

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Page 121 - Geography of India. Comprising an account of British India, and the various states enclosed and adjoining. Fcap. pp. 250. 2s. Geological Papers on Western India. Including Cutch, Scinde, and the south-east coast of Arabia. To which is added a Summary of the Geology of India generally. Edited for the Government by HENRY J.
Page 239 - Other Worlds than Ours ; The Plurality of Worlds Studied under the Light of Recent Scientific Researches.
Page 249 - It is about a mile in length, and a quarter of a mile in breadth, but contracts at both ends.
Page 137 - The seeds of things seem to lie latent in the air, ready to appear and produce their kind, whenever they light on a proper matrix. The extremely small seeds of fern, mosses, mushrooms, and some other plants are concealed and wafted about in the air, every part whereof seems replete with seeds of one kind or other. The whole atmosphere seems alive. There is everywhere acid to corrode, and seed to engender. Iron will rust, and mould will grow in all places.
Page 99 - Tour discovered the yeast plant, a living organism, which, when placed in a proper medium, feeds, grows, and reproduces itself, and in this way carries on the process which we name fermentation. Fermentation was thus proved to be a product of life instead of a process of decay.
Page 99 - ¡Hun: focus of the electric beam and inhale the dirt revealed there. Nor is the disgust abolished by the reflection that, although we do not see the nastiness, we are churning it in our lungs every hour and minute of our lives. There is no respite to this contact with dirt; and the wonder is, not that we should from time to time suffer from its presence, but that so small a portion of it would appear to be deadly to man.
Page 294 - The ordinary gaseous and ordinary liquid states are, in short, only widely separated forms of the same condition of matter, and may be made to pass into one another by a series of gradations so gentle that the passage shall nowhere present any interruption or breach of continuity. From carbonic acid as a perfect gas to carbonic acid as a perfect liquid, the transition we have seen may be accomplished by a continuous process, and the gas and liquid are only distant stages of a long series of continuous...
Page 239 - PRINCIPLES of MECHANISM, designed for the Use of Students in the Universities, and for Engineering Students generally.
Page 105 - In the case of an ordinary gaslight the best experiments show that not more than one or two per cent of the radiant energy consists of visible rays, the rest is either invisible heat or actinism ; that is to say, over ninetyeight per cent of the gas is wasted in producing rays that do not help in making objects visible.
Page 99 - ... birth to an oak competent to produce a whole crop of acorns, each gifted with the power of reproducing its parent tree ; and as thus from a single seedling a whole forest may spring ; so, it is...

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