Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, Volume 8

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Institution of Electrical Engineers., 1879
Vols. for 1970-79 include an annual special issue called IEE reviews.

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Page 371 - Resolved, that the Secretary of the Treasury be requested to report to the House at its next session upon the propriety of establishing a system of telegraphs for the United States.
Page 124 - The next step was naturally to refer these " reduced lengths " to the length of some standard wire which might perhaps not be employed in the circuits under test, and to consider the resistance of unit length of this standard wire as the unit resistance. Consequently we find the unit which was employed by Lenz, in 1838, to be defined as that of 1 foot of No. 11 copper wire, and the unit of Wheatstone, in 1840, as that of 1 foot of copper wire weighing 100 grains. Until the year 1850 measurements...
Page 447 - Mr. President, I have to move that the Report of the Council just read be received and adopted, and that it be printed in the Journal of the Society. I am sorry there is not a larger meeting before me to receive this proposition, but I am sure that the lucid report we have received from the Secretary and from the Council must make us congratulate ourselves upon the position the Society is taking in the scientific world. Mr. RK GBAT : I have much pleasure in seconding the proposition.
Page 456 - The vessels referred to in this article, when not making way through the water, shall not carry the side lights, but when making way shall carry them.
Page 456 - A ship, whether a steamship or a sailing ship, when employed either in laying or in picking up a telegraph cable, or which from any accident is not under command, shall at night carry, in the same position as...
Page 364 - ... then no question could be entertained of the practicability and utility of the suggestion above adverted to. I was therefore induced to make the trial ; but I found such a sensible diminution with only 200 feet of wire, as at once to convince me of the impracticability of the scheme.
Page 130 - ... resistance of the rest of the system, T is the interval between the beginning of a discharge and the beginning of the next discharge, and T is the duration of contact for each discharge. We thus obtain for the corrected value of C in electromagnetic measure rC (10) \-e -2IV. Comparison of the Electrostatic Capacity of a. Condenser with the Electromagnetic Capacity of Self-induction of a Coil.
Page 386 - Never did I feel such a tumultuous sensation before,' said the Professor, ' as when all alone in the still room I heard the needles click, and as I spelled the words I felt all the magnitude of the invention, now proved to be practical beyond cavil or dispute.
Page 456 - ... and shall by day carry in a vertical line one over the other, not less than six feet apart, where they can best be seen, two black balls or shapes, each two feet in diameter.
Page 219 - ... magnets arranged radially in a flat circle in a plane parallel to that of the disc. Suggests, as an alternative, fixing the disc and rotating the magnets. The apparatus by means of a commutator produces "continuous currents," but the strength keeps varying from a maximum to nought. 1853. SHEPARD, 1587. " Improvements in Magneto-Electric Apparatus suitable for the production of Motive Power, of Heat, and of Light.

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