The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 33

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University of Chicago Press, 1911
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"Letters to the Editor" issued as Part 2 and separately paged from v. 148, 1967. Beginning in 2009, the Letters published only online.

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Page 254 - ... of the Astronomical and Astrophysical Society of America from its beginning in 1899 until 1905, of the American Mathematical Society, the Society for Psychic Research, and chairman of a great number of scientific assemblages and congresses, the most important of which was perhaps the International Congress of Arts and Sciences, held at St. Louis in 1906 in connection with the exposition, the complete success of which was due more than anything else to his world-wide reputation and to the untiring...
Page 297 - Schaeberle's mechanical theory of the sun's corona1 to the streams of the corona of 1905. I decided, after some investigation, to modify, in some respects radically, the assumptions made by Professor Schaeberle and to consider the streamers of the corona as the projection on a plane of streams of particles, the motion of which is produced by ejection, by the rotation of the sun, by the attraction of the sun, and by the radiant pressure of the sun. The theoretical results made it desirable to examine...
Page 184 - Its main object is to present the general reading public with a condensed view of the history, methods, and results of astronomical research, especially in those fields which are of most popular and philosophic interest at the present day, couched in such language as to be intelligible without mathematical study.
Page 89 - ... been the first to suggest a fundamentally sound way to eliminate uncertainties as to the true temperature of the radiating material being investigated. This he accomplished by means of a narrow wedge opening formed by folding on itself a sheet of the material being studied. Regarding this he says: The device to be described promises to be of some value because it enables one with a calibrated optical pyrometer to determine the true temperature of a radiating surface. It is, of course, nothing...
Page 108 - The agreement is so close that it is not probable that causes other than the downward movement are involved in the mean result. Other causes, if they exist, are occasional and diverse in their action, and their effects are eliminated from the final mean. 2. The calcium vapor to which the bright emission line K2 is due has an ascending motion over the general surface of the sun of 1 . 97 km per second in the mean...
Page 60 - It would be of great interest to know whether there is a connection between the type of spectrum and the number of cluster variables or not.
Page 121 - Furthermore we found, by consulting the tables, that the specific heat of alcohol varies rapidly with the temperature, 1 Published by permission of the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. 1 The earlier experiments made here to devise a standard pyrheliometer are described in Vol.
Page 126 - The fourth conference of the International Union for Cooperation in Solar Research was held at the Mount Wilson Solar Observatory, August 31 to September 2, 1910.
Page 127 - ... of intensity, rather than the presence or absence, of the same components of the blended line in passing from one stellar type to another. It also showed that, considering the origins of the variable lines, the physical conditions in the stars as we pass from the F (Procyonian) to the Mb (Antarian) type vary roughly in the same direction as from the sun to the sun-spots, a conclusion confirming that arrived at by Sir Norman Lockyer (Proc. Roy. Soc., vol. Ixxiv., p. 53) in a paper which does not...
Page 322 - Ordnung, welche den Weg eines ausserhalb der Ebene der Axe gelegenen Lichtstrahles durch ein System brechender Medien bestimmen.

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