Abstracts of the Papers Printed in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Volume 3

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Richard Taylor, 1837
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Page 254 - ... observations made at the London Docks in a period of nineteen years, viz. from January 1st, 1808 to the 31st of December, 1826, with the corrections for the time of high water, as it is affected by the right ascensions, declinations, and parallaxes of the sun and moon ; and the latter in his paper on the empirical laws of the tides in the port of London, and in his essay towards a first approximation to a map of cotidal lines.
Page vi - Society an important paper on " The Inequality of Long Period in the Motions of the Earth and Venus.
Page 214 - Medals should be adjudged for the most important discoveries or series of investigations completed and made known to the Royal Society in the year preceding the day of their award...
Page 367 - The Little Chronicle Publishing Company was read and the copies of the magazine that were sent for distribution among the members of the society were acknowledged with thanks. The report upon the finances being called for, Mr. John J. Scott, the secretary and treasurer, wished to announce that, owing to circumstances over which he had no control, he was unable at this time to give any account of the financial condition of the society. The matter was dropped until such time as the report could be...
Page 118 - ... is passed either before a single pole, or between the opposite poles of a magnet, or near electro-magnetic poles, whether ferruginous...
Page 76 - ... receiving blood by its arteries and returning it by its veins; that the circulation through these two parts of the placenta differs in the following manner: in the umbilical portion the arteries terminate in the veins by a continuity of canal, whereas in the uterine portion there are intermediate cells into which the arteries terminate, and from which the veins begin.
Page 84 - A General View of the establishment of Physic as a Science in England by the incorporation of the College of Physicians of London.
Page 2 - Cases illustrative of the efficacy of various Medicines administered by Inhalation, in Pulmonary Consumption ; in certain morbid states of the Trachea and Bronchial Tubes, attended with distressing Cough ; and in Asthma.
Page 209 - I suppose that the effects are due to a modification, by the electric current, of the chemical affinity of the particles through or by which that current is passing, giving them the power of acting more forcibly in one direction than in another, and consequently making them travel by a series of successive decompositions and recompositions in opposite directions, and finally causing their expulsion or exclusion at the boundaries of the body under decomposition...
Page 375 - Researches on the Tides. Fifth Series. On the Solar Inequality, and on the Diurnal Inequality of the Tides at Liverpool.

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