Michigan Reports: Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of Michigan, Volume 146

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Page 287 - It means that no person or class of persons shall be denied the same protection of the laws which is enjoyed by other persons or other classes in the same place and under like circumstances.
Page 61 - A suit which is founded upon a claim from which a discharge would be a release, and which is pending against a person at the time of the filing of a petition against him, shall be stayed until after an adjudication or the dismissal of the petition; if such person is adjudged a bankrupt, such action may be further stayed until twelve months after the date of such adjudication, or, if within that time such person applies for a discharge, then until the question of such discharge is determined.
Page 704 - It is not meant to affirm, that they must be kept wholly and entirely separate and distinct, and have no common link of connection or dependence, the one upon the other, in the slightest degree. The true meaning is, that the whole power of one of these departments should not be exercised by the same hands, which possess the whole power of either of the other departments ; ard that such exercise of the whole by the same hands would subvert the principles of a free constitution.
Page 446 - ... of hawkers and peddlers.'" The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do enact as follows : Mast hare u- SECTION 1. No person shall be allowed to travel from place to place within this state for the purpose of carrying to sell or exposing to sale any goods, wares or merchandise, unless he shall have obtained a license as a hawker and peddler in the manner hereinafter provided.
Page 717 - When a question is propounded, it belongs to the court to consider and to decide whether any direct answer to it can implicate the witness. If this be decided in the negative, then he may answer it without violating the privilege which is secured to him by law. If a direct answer to it may criminale himself, then he must be the sole judge what his answer would be.
Page 287 - It does not prohibit legislation, which is limited either in the objects to which it is directed or by the territory within which it is to operate. ' It merely requires that all persons subject to such legislation shall be treated alike under like circumstances and conditions both in the privileges conferred and in the liabilities imposed.
Page 134 - The absolute power of alienation shall not be suspended by any limitation or condition whatever, for a longer period than during the continuance of two lives in being at the creation of the estate, except in the single case mentioned in. the next section.
Page 622 - After a hearing upon proofs taken in open fcourt, the circuit judge rendered a decree in accordance with the prayer of the bill, and the defendants have appealed.
Page 676 - No action at law or in equity in any court shall be brought or maintained on any cause or claim arising out of any membership or benefit certificate, unless such action is brought within one year from the time when such action accrues. Such right of action shall accrue 90 days after all proofs called for, in case of death of a member, shall have been furnished.
Page 212 - Error is assigned upon the refusal of the court to direct a verdict for defendant, and...

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