Egypt as We Knew it

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Mills & Boon, 1911 - 227 pages

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Page 226 - The old order changeth, yielding place to new, And God fulfils himself in many ways, Lest one good custom should corrupt the world Comfort thyself: what comfort is in me?
Page 98 - For instance, she will say, of a very ordinary young man, of scarcely any property, and of whose disposition she knows nothing, " My daughter, the youth who wishes to marry you is young, graceful, elegant, beardless, has plenty of money, dresses handsomely, is fond of delicacies, but cannot enjoy his luxuries alone ; he wants you as his companion; he will give you everything that money can procure ; he is a stayer-at-home, and will spend his whole time with you, caressing and fondling you.
Page 27 - The Rifleman's Companion " is by an authority on rifle matters — Mr. LR Tippins. He is well known as a skilled " International " shot, who has very exceptional facilities for experimental work. His knowledge of applied science, joined to long experience of rifle making, has placed him in the front rank of rifle experts. The new book will be practical, while not neglecting such knowledge of theory as is essential for useful practice, and will show the rifleman how to get the best work out of his...
Page 4 - IDS. 6d. net. Steeplechasing, Ballooning, Boxing, Big-Game Shooting, or acting as War Correspondent, they all come alike to Sir Claude Champion de Crespigny, whose life has been one long series of adventures by land, sea, and air. There is probably no man living who has a greater contempt for danger of any kind than Sir Claude. As a horseman he has probably not half a dozen superiors in the world ; while his chapter of accidents is long enough to fill a book. Starting life in the Navy, he eventually...
Page 212 - I came back there was not a single white-violet plant left in the garden. It was hard to go out to dinner and meet my friend's husband with a cluster of white violets in his buttonhole — which I am bound to say he promptly presented to me ! I told my woes, and they at once sent me some healthy young plants just coming into flower, raised from seed which I had given them.
Page 211 - Our garden was easily entered from the road, and these gentry have even gone so far as to come in when I was actually sitting out in my private garden with my own friends, and walk all round, passing me quite close, without a word of apology for the intrusion. White violets are very rare in Egypt, and are an irresistible temptation. I took the trouble...
Page 212 - I have generally a long row of them down one side of the broad walk ; and the six weeks during which their butterfly heads nod a morning greeting to me as I come down the verandah steps into the garden are some of the pleasantest in the year. They begin towards the end of March...

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