Nature, Volume 89

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Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1912


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Page 187 - Volume XV. of The International Scientific Series. VYNER (Lady Mary). Every day a Portion. Adapted from the Bible and the Prayer Book, for the Private...
Page 287 - An investigation of the Coals of Canada with reference to their Economic Qualities: as conducted at McGill University under the authority of the Dominion Government.
Page 250 - AE A Manual of Marine Engineering. Comprising the Designing, Construction and Working of Marine Machinery.
Page 166 - THE object of this book, as stated in the preface, is " to give illustrations of the South African fauna with special reference to the more familiar forms, for the benefit of students of nature study, as well as the agriculturalist.
Page 368 - Every species has come into existence coincident both in time and space with a pre-existing closely allied species" connects together and renders intelligible a vast number of independent and hitherto unexplained facts.
Page 118 - Such rays falling on a thin metallic disk, delicately suspended in a vacuum, might perhaps produce an observable mechanical effect.
Page 233 - Americans have told me,' says Mr. AE Shipley, 'that comparatively few things are actually invented in America, that most inventions come from abroad, but are eagerly taken up and exploited in the States. Where the American really shines is not as an inventor, but as a manufacturer. It is a striking fact that originality is rare in America, and I think it must be accounted for by the educational system. It stifles originality.
Page 257 - THE Annual Conference of the Association of Teachers in Technical Institutions will be held this year in Bradford at Whitsuntide. The proceedings will be opened on Whit Monday, when the Lord Mayor of Bradford, Alderman Fred Foster, will officially welcome the Conference to Bradford.
Page 164 - Kulturpflanzen und Hausthiere in ihrem Uebergang aus Asien nach Griechenland und Italien sowie in das übrige Europa.
Page 65 - We desire to state that the harrowing descriptions and illustrations of operations inflicted on animals, which are freely circulated by post, advertisement or otherwise, are in many cases calculated to mislead the public, so far as they suggest that the animals in question were not under an anesthetic. To represent that animals subjected to experiment in this country are wantonly tortured would in our opinion be absolutely false.

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