Horae Hellenicæ: Essays and Discussion on Some Important Points of Greek Philology and Antiquity

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Macmillan & Company, 1874 - 394 pages

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Page 66 - Thy godlike crime was to be kind. To render with thy precepts less The sum of human wretchedness. And strengthen Man with his own mind ; But baffled as thou wert from high. Still in thy patient energy, In the endurance, and repulse Of thine impenetrable Spirit, Which Earth and Heaven could not convulse, A mighty lesson we inherit...
Page 9 - This book contains a number of problems, chiefly elementary, in the Mathematical subjects usually read at Cambridge. They have been selected from the papers set during late years at Jesus College.
Page 14 - New Edition. Crown 8vo. $s. KEY TO PLANE TRIGONOMETRY. Crown 8vo. los. 6d. A TREATISE ON SPHERICAL TRIGONOMETRY. New Edition, enlarged. Crown 8vo. 4-?. 6d. PLANE CO-ORDINATE GEOMETRY, as applied to the Straight Line and the Conic Sections. With numerous Examples.
Page 72 - Remit the anguish of that lighted stare; Close those wan lips; let that thorn-wounded brow Stream not with blood ; it mingles with thy tears ! Fix, fix those tortured orbs in peace and death, So thy sick throes shake not that crucifix, So those pale fingers play not with thy gore.
Page 20 - World : a Simple Account of Man in Early Times. Sixth Edition. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 3$. A Special Edition for Schools. Price is. The Childhood of Religions.
Page 11 - AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON CONIC SECTIONS AND ALGEBRAIC GEOMETRY. With Numerous Examples and Hints for their Solution ; especially designed for the Use of Beginners. By GH PUCKLE, MA New Edition, revised and enlarged.
Page 22 - Galton. — Works by FRANCIS GALTON, FRS :— METEOROGRAPHICA, or Methods of Mapping the Weather. Illustrated by upwards of 600 Printed LithographicDiagrams. 410. 9.r. HEREDITARY GENIUS : An Inquiry into its Laws and Consequences. Demy 8vo. 12s. The Times calls it " a most able and most interesting book.
Page 46 - Leishman A SYSTEM OF MIDWIFERY, including the Diseases of Pregnancy and the Puerperal State. By WILLIAM LEISHMAN, MD, Regius Professor of Midwifery in the University of Glasgow ; Physician to the University Lying-in Hospital; Fellow and late Vice-President of the Obstetrical Society of London, etc.
Page 22 - Flower (WH) — AN INTRODUCTION TO THE OSTEOLOGY OF THE MAMMALIA. Being the Substance of the Course of Lectures delivered at the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1870.

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