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HE Authors of Original Papers and Communications in the present Volume are Mrs. Agnes Ibbetson; J. D. Maycock, Esq.; Mr. G. J. Singer; Mr. E. Lydiatt; Mr. John Davy; W. Crane, Esq. F. R. M. S. Ed.; Mr. R. Lyall, M. R. P. S. E. &c.; R. L. Edgeworth, Esq. F. R. S. M. R. I. A.; L. O. C.; T. A. Knight, Esq. F. R. S. &c.; Mr. J. Dalton; the Rev. J. Blanchard; J. Clarke, M. D.; Mr. J. T. Price; Mr. St. Amand; T. Forster, Esq.; Mr. J. Murray; Marshall Hall, Esq.; W. Moore, Esq.; Mathematicus; Mr. B. Cook; W. N.; Zeno.

Of Foreign Works, Messrs. Gay-Lussac and Thenard; M. Regnier; M. Van Meerten; M. Stratingh; M. Cagniard Latour; M. de la Chabeaussiere; Mr.G. B. Sage; M. Bucholz; M.Daubuisson; M. Cordier; Dr. B. H. Tarry; M. C. Duméril; M. L. Cordier; M. Hassenfratz.

And of British Memoirs abridged or extracted, T. Thomson, M. D. F. R. S. E, &c.; the Rev. J. Bremner; T. A. Knight, Esq. F. R. S. &c.; H. Davy, Esq. LL. D. Sec. R. S. Prof. Chem. R. I. F. R. S. E.; Mr. E. Smith; Mr. J. Hutton, junr.; H. P. Lee, Esq.; the Rev. J. Hall; Mr. T. Balls; Mr. J. Baker; Mr. W. Jeffery; Mr. J. Davis; Mr. W. Moult; Mr. B. Smith; Mr. J. Taylor; B. C. Brodie, Esq. F. R. S.

The Engravings consist of 1. Dissections of Plants, illustrating the Growth of the Bud, by Mrs. A. Ibbetson. 2. Crystals of Allanite, by Dr. T. Thompson. 3. Instruments for measuring the Velocity of Rivers, by Mr. Regnier. 4. Method of covering a Roof with Flagstones, by R. L. Edgeworth, Esq. F. R. S. M. R. I. A. 5. A Ship's ordinary Boats converted into Lifeboats, by the Rev. J. Bremner. 6. A Barometer with an adjusting Scale, and 7. An Airpump for producing a perfect Vacuum, by a Correspondent. 8. Section of a Grapehouse, by T. A. Knight, Esq. F. R. L, and H. SS. 9. Figures to illustrate the Formation of the Leaves of Firs, and their Fructification, and the Motion of the Flower of the Barberry; delineated by Mrs. Agnes Ibbetson. 10. A Diagram illustrating the Radiation of Cold, by Marshall Hall, Esq. 11. Diagrams illustrative of the Motion of Rockets, by W. Moore, Esq. 12. A new Thrashing Machine, invented by H. P. Lee, Esq. 13. A Screw adjusting Plough, by Mr. Thomas Balls. 14. An improved Implement for extirpating Docks and Thistles, by Mr. J. Baker. 15. A pair of expanding Harrows, by Mr. Wm. Jeffery. 16. Mr. J. Davis's Fire-escape. 17. Mr. W. Moult's Filtering Apparatus. 18. Mr. B. Smith's Method of Relieving a Horfe, that has fallen in the Shafts of a loaded Cart. 19. Mr. J. Taylor's Extractor of foul Air from Mines, &c.




II. Observations on the Hypothesis, which refers chemical Affinity to the elec-
trical Energies of the Particles of Matter. By J. D. Maycock, Esq. Com-
municated by the Author


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