The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for British and Foreign India, China, and Australia

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Parbury, Allen, and Company, 1837


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Page 29 - tis haunted, holy ground, No earth of thine is lost in vulgar mould, But one vast realm of wonder spreads around, And all the Muse's tales seem truly told, Till the sense aches with gazing to behold The scenes our earliest dreams have dwelt upon: Each hill and dale, each deepening glen and wold Defies the power which crush'd thy temples gone: Age shakes Athena's tower, but spares gray Marathon.
Page 163 - Runs through the arched roof in words deceiving. Apollo from his shrine Can no more divine, With hollow shreik the steep of Delphos leaving. No nightly trance, or breathed spell, Inspire's the pale-ey'd Priest from the prophetic cell.
Page 131 - We complain of the severe losses which we have been forced to sustain by the emancipation of our slaves, and the vexatious laws which have been enacted respecting them.
Page 131 - We quit this colony under the full assurance that the English Government has nothing more to require of us, and will allow us to govern ourselves without its interference in future.
Page 13 - Oriental works ; his Lordship in Council directs that no portion of the funds shall hereafter be so employed. 4th — His Lordship in Council directs that all the funds which these reforms will leave at the disposal of the Committee be henceforth employed in imparting to the native population a knowledge of English literature and science through the medium of the English language...
Page 241 - ... customs, habits, and religious proceedings of their Priests and Attendants, in the arrangement of their ceremonies, rites, and festivals, and, generally, in the conduct of their interior economy, shall cease.
Page 131 - We will not molest' any people, nor deprive them of the smallest property; but, if attacked, we shall consider ourselves fully justified in defending our persons and effects, to the utmost of our ability, against every enemy.
Page 199 - History of the World, book 2, chap. 5, § 1. Effect of Anarchy upon Religion. all order, discipline, and Church govPaganism probable in Hume t opinion. " FOR if we examine without prejudice the ancient heathen mythology as contained in the poets, we shall not discover in it any such monstrous absurdity as we may at first be apt to apprehend. Where is the difficulty in conceiving that the same powers, or principles, whatever they were, which formed this visible world, men.
Page 68 - That where there has been mutual Credit given by the Bankrupt and any other Person, or where there are mutual Debts between the Bankrupt and any other Person, the Commissioners shall state the Account between them, and one Debt or Demand may be set against another, notwithstanding any prior Act of Bankruptcy committed by such Bankrupt before the Credit given to or the Debt contracted by him, and what shall appear due on either Side on the Balance of such Account, and no more, shall be claimed or...
Page 71 - Defendant afterwards, under leave, reserved at the trial, moved for and obtained a rule to show cause why the verdict should not be set aside...

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