The Chemical News and Journal of Physical Science, Volumes 11-12

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Griffin, Bohn and Company, 1865

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Page 23 - I'll have of perfume, vapour'd 'bout the room, To lose ourselves in; and my baths, like pits To fall into; from whence we will come forth, And roll us dry in gossamer and roses.
Page 192 - The right way to dispose of town sewage is to apply it continuously to land, and it is only by such application that the pollution of rivers can be avoided.
Page 65 - As in the case of the solar spectrum, the heat was found to augment from the violet to the red, while in the dark space beyond the red it rose to a maximum. The position of the maximum was about as distant from the extreme red in the one direction, as the green of the spectrum in the opposite one. The augmentation of temperature beyond the red in the spectrum of the electric light is sudden and enormous.
Page 192 - Commission appointed to inquire into the best mode of distributing the Sewage of Towns, and applying it to beneficial and profitable uses.
Page 160 - I conceive it will not be out of place here to give a short account of their rise, and of their effect on the progress of physical science.
Page 288 - how far the present use of rivers or running waters in England for the purpose of carrying off the sewage of towns and populous places, and the refuse arising from industrial processes and manufactures, can be prevented without risk to the public health, or serious injury to such processes and manufactures, and how far such sewage and refuse can be utilised and got rid of otherwise than by discharge into rivers or running waters, or rendered harmless before reaching them...
Page 133 - Act, have carried on, in Great Britain, the business of a Chemist and Druggist, in the keeping of open shop for the compounding of the prescriptions of duly qualified medical practitioners...
Page 32 - Further, when one volume of nitrogen combines with three volumes of hydrogen to form ammonia, the four volumes become condensed into exactly two volumes. I cannot show you this conversion of four volumes of mixed nitrogen and hydrogen into two volumes of combined nitrogen and hv Irogen, but the reverse experiment is of very easy performance.
Page 286 - ... through which they pass, and if so, the proportion of heat received at Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn, may be the same as that received at the earth, if the constituents of their atmospheres be the same as that of the earth, and greater if the density be greater ; so that the effective solar heat at Jupiter and Saturn may be greater than at either of the inferior planets Mercury or Venus, notwithstanding their far greater distances from the sun.
Page 36 - It is evident that the confirmation of the existence of the practice of arsenic-eating must lead us to modify some of the opinions that are entertained with regard to the influence of habit on the action of poisons. It has long been notorious, that by habit the human body may be brought to bear with impunity doses of organic poisons, such as opium, which, to those unaccustomed to them, would certainly prove fatal; but "it has hitherto been considered by toxicologists that, except within very narrow...

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