Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Volume 37

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Taylor & Francis, 1884
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Obituary notices of deceased fellows were included in v. 7-64; v. 75 is made up of "obituaries of deceased fellows, chiefly for the period 1898-1904, with a general index to previous obituary notices"; the notices have been continued in subsequent volumes as follows: v. 78a, 79b, 80a-b- 86a-b, 87a 88a-b.

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Page xxii - Associate of that body in 1880 ; he was elected a Foreign Member of the Royal Society of London in 1840. He was an honorary member of the English, French, and German Chemical Societies; these associations, the second of which originated in Dumas' laboratory, elected him as a matter of course immediately after their institution.
Page xxv - A determination of the circumstances under which discontinuity of any kind presents itself in the solution of a problem of Maximum or minimum in the Calculus of Variations, and applications to particular instances. It is expected that the discussion of the instances should be exemplified as far as possible geometrically, and that attention be especially directed to cases of real or supposed failure of the Calculus.
Page 435 - Scott, that at some barometrical stations the atmospheric wave caused by the eruption was still to be traced until about 122 hours after its origin, and that it must have travelled more than three times round the entire circuit of the earth, shows how vast must have been the initial disturbance causing the wave. The possibility of the remarkable atmospheric appearances which so constantly accompanied the rising and setting of the sun for some months subsequent to the eruption being due to volcanic...
Page 219 - Other investigators have also been working in the same direction, and several papers dealing with the extension and simplification of stability calculations will be found in the " Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects " for 1884, including one of great interest and value by M. Daymard.— 25th July, 1884. and the dangers which may be incurred by low-sided ships are well understood by many. In former times, it was not so necessary as it has recently become, to carry theoretical investigations...
Page 491 - The nation at large has lost a faithful servant, chief among those who live only to better the life of their fellow-men by subduing the forces of Nature to their use. Looking back along the line of England's scientific worthies, there are few who have served the people better than this, her adopted son — few, if any, whose life's record' will show so long a list of useful labours.
Page 21 - ... while, however, by some other process proofs of a real connection might be obtained. But if we can get evidences of apparent periodicity in sun-spot fluctuations when dealt with in a particular manner, we have at once a method which will afford us a definite means of comparison. And here, as Professor Stokes has pointed out, it is not necessary for our present purpose to discuss the question whether these sun-spot Inequalities have a real or only an apparent periodicity. All that is needful is...
Page 22 - Sun-spot inequalities around twenty four and twenty-six days, whether apparent or real, seem to have periods very nearly the same as those of terrestrial meteorological inequalities as exhibited by the daily temperature-ranges at Toronto and at Kew. 2. While the sun-spots and the Kew temperature-range inequalities present evidence of a single oscillation, the corresponding' Toronto temperature-range inequalities present evidence of a double oscillation.
Page 318 - Helmholtz under the name of electrolytic convection. I shall avoid as much as possible all suppositions and hypotheses which cannot be put to the test of experiment ; but it seems necessary to start with some assumption in order to avoid too great a vagueness in the subsequent explanations. The assumption which I shall make is this : In a gas the passage of electricity from one molecule to another is always accompanied by an interchange of the atoms composing the molecule. I shall also try to prove...
Page 290 - This latter connexion, however (assuming it to exist), is not so well established as the former, at least if we compare together Inequalities of long period. It has been attempted to explain this by imagining that for long...
Page 20 - It has been known for some time that there is a close connection between the inequalities in the state of the sun's surface as denoted by sun-spot areas and those in terrestrial magnetism as denoted by the diurnal ranges of oscillation of the declination magnet ; and moreover the observations of various meteorologists have induced us to suspect that there may '.likewise be a connection between solar inequalities and those in terrestrial meteorology. This latter...

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