Chemical News and Journal of Industrial Science, Volume 12

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Chemical news office, 1865
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Page 23 - I'll have of perfume, vapour'd 'bout the room, To lose ourselves in; and my baths, like pits To fall into; from whence we will come forth, And roll us dry in gossamer and roses.
Page 141 - AN INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF CHEMICAL PHILOSOPHY : being a preparatory View of the Forces which concur to the Production of Chemical Phenomena. By J. FREDERIC DANIELL, FRS Professor of Chemistry in King's College, London ; and Lecturer on Chemistry and Geology in the Hon. East India Company's Military Seminary at Addiscombe ; and Author of Meteorological Essays.
Page 110 - ... more economically obtained by more frequent operations, somewhat more rapidly conducted. A striking illustration of the advantage to be gained by this process is presented by the fact that, during the first fractioning of a crude mixture, such as American petroleum or coal-tar naphtha, for example, the difference between the temperature of the bath and that of the retort may sometimes be as much as 35° C., or even more. While, as the products become purer, this difference between the temperatures...
Page 182 - The carnivora die, after some hours, from disorganization of the blood separation ; but the herbivora will live for weeks, and will suffer from no acute disease. 7. The question whether the presence of ozone in the air can produce actual disease, must be answered cautiously. Science has yet no actual demonstrative evidence on the point. But the facts approach to demonstration that catarrh is induced by this agent. All else is as yet speculative. 8. During periods of intense heat of weather, the ozone...
Page 218 - Dissolve five or six bits of gum mastic, each the size of a large pea, in as much spirits of wine as will suffice to render it liquid...
Page 20 - When an anhydrous or a hydrated salt, which has not the power of fixing water, is dissolved, the volume of the solution is equal to the sum of the volumes of the salt and water brought together.
Page 113 - The slow oxidation of so much carbon and hydrogen in the human body, therefore, will always produce its due amount of heat, or an equivalent in some other form of energy ; for while the latent force liberated by the combustion of the carbon and hydrogen of fat is expressed solely in the form of heat, the combustion of an equal quantity of the carbon and hydrogen of voluntary muscle is expressed chiefly in the form of motion.
Page 249 - ... thereof, and that they shall have full power and authority to sell, alienate, charge or otherwise dispose of the same as they shall think proper ; but that no sale, mortgage, incumbrance, or other disposition of any Messuages, Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments belonging to the said body politic or corporate shall be made, except with the approbation and concurrence of a General Meeting.
Page 24 - Mrs Pritchard's body was taken in this form. The remainder of the acid solution, amounting to one ounce and three drachms, was subjected to a process intended to determine the quantity of antimony present in the contents of the intestines ; but though the presence of this metal was determined with the greatest facility, I found that the amount yielded by the materials which I used was too small to enable me to weigh it with sufficient accuracy. I also made an experiment with the contents of the intestines,...
Page 182 - Ozone in a natural state is always present in the air in minute proportions, viz : one in ten thousand. 2. It is destroyed in large towns, and with special rapidity in crowded, close, and filthy localities. 3. Ozone gives to oxygen properties which enable it to support life. In this respect it acts like heat; its effects are destroyed by great heat. 4. Ozone diffused through &\f in minute quantities produces, on inhalation, distinct symptoms of acute catarrh.

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