The Statutes at Large, the United States from ..., Volume 29

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1897


Right of way Indian and Oklahoma Territories An act to authorize the Saint Louis and Oklahoma
Commissions Executive Departments An act to regulate the issue and recording of the commissions
Condemned cannon New York troops An act to grant certain condemned cannon and cannon balls
Lighthouse North Manitou Island Mich An act to authorize the LightHouse Board to proceed
Right of way Indian Territory An act to amend an Act approved August twentyfourth eighteen
Rights of way stations etc Indian Territory An act to grant to railroad companies in Indian Ter
Furseal fishery claims An act to provide for the fulfillment of the stipulations of the treaty
Lighthouse Choctaw Point Ala An act authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to exchange
District of Columbia storage An act to regulate the business of storage in District of Columbia
Right of way Indian Territory An act to amend an Act entitled An Act to authorize the Denison
two Grand Army of the Republic of Bridgeton New Jersey four condemned cannon
Nary contracts etc An act to amend section thirtyseven hundred and nineteen of the Revised
Bridge Red River of the North An act to authorize the construction of a bridge across the
of the Revised Statutes of the United States relating to the District of Columbia
Public lands commutations An act relating to commutations of homestead entries and to con
Appropriations rivers and harbors An act making appropriations for the construction repair
District of Columbia free library An act to establish and provide for the maintenance of a free

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Page 387 - A vessel when towing, a vessel employed in laying or in picking up a telegraph cable, and a vessel under way, which is unable to get out of the way of an approaching vessel through being not under command, or unable to maneuver as required by the rules...
Page 113 - AN ACT To establish agricultural experiment stations In connection with the colleges established In the several States under the provisions of an act approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, and of the acts supplementary thereto...
Page 148 - A person duly authorized to practice physic or surgery, or a professional or registered nurse, shall not be allowed to disclose any information which he acquired in attending a patient in a professional capacity, and which was necessary to enable him to act in that capacity...
Page 17 - To perpetuate the memory and spirit of the men and women who achieved American Independence, by the acquisition and protection of historical spots, and the erection of monuments ; by the encouragement of historical research in relation to the Revolution and the publication of its results; by the preservation of documents and relics, and of the records of the individual services of Revolutionary soldiers and patriots, and by the promotion of celebrations of all patriotic anniversaries.
Page 505 - But it shall be a sufficient defense to any charge of introducing or attempting to introduce ardent spirits, ale, beer, wine, or intoxicating liquors into the Indian country, that the acts charged were done under authority, in writing, from the War Department, or any officer duly authorized thereunto by the War Department.
Page 613 - That in expending the money appropriated by this act, a railroad company which has not received aid in bonds of the United States, and which obtained a grant of public land to aid in the construction of its railroad on condition that such railroad should be a post route and military road subject to the use of the United States for postal, military, naval, and other government services, and also, subject to such regulations as Congress may impose restricting the charges for such government transportation...
Page 261 - Certain substances and compounds shall be known and designated as 'filled cheese' namely: all substances made of milk or skimmed milk, with the admixture of butter, animal oils or fats, vegetable or any other oils, or compounds foreign to such milk, and made in imitation or semblance of cheese.
Page 262 - ... his factory, and conduct his business under such surveillance of officers and agents, as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury, may, by regulation, require. But the bond required of such • manufacturer shall be with sureties satisfactory to the collector of internal revenue, and in a penal sum of not less than...
Page 89 - ... shall be made and all such obstructions be removed at the expense of the owner or owners of said bridge. And in case of any litigation arising from any obstruction or alleged obstruction to the free navigation of said river, caused or alleged to be caused...
Page 476 - Treasury shall prescribe: Provided, That all such articles, when sold or withdrawn for consumption in the United States, shall be subject to the duty, if any, imposed upon such articles by the revenue laws in force at the date of importation, and all penalties prescribed by law shall be applied and enforced against such articles and against the persons who may be guilty of any illegal sale or withdrawal.

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