The Chemical News and Journal of Physical Science, Volume 4

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W. A. Townsend and Adams, 1869

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Page 204 - Characters stating as follows : " Great Care must be taken in bringing any Light near to the Contents of this Vessel, as they give off an inflammable Vapour at a Temperature of less than One hundred Degrees of Fahrenheit's Thermometer.
Page 110 - If the place which the LORD thy God hath chosen to put his name there be too far from thee, then thou shalt kill of thy herd and of thy flock, which the LORD hath given thee, as I have commanded thee, and thou shalt eat in thy gates whatsoever thy soul lusteth after.
Page 150 - Act, to any person unknown to the seller, unless introduced by some person known to the seller ; and on every sale of...
Page 262 - I have been perfectly enchanted with the sight which my spectroscope has revealed to me. The solar and atmospheric spectra being hidden, and the image of the wide slit alone being visible, the telescope or slit is moved slowly, and the strange shadow-forms flit past.
Page 229 - Cheepe in the manner aforesaid to the pillory, and let him be put upon the pillory, and remain there at least one hour in the day; and the third time that such default shall be found, he shall be drawn, and the oven shall be pulled down, and the baker made to foreswear the trade in the city for ever.
Page 200 - ... in diameter ; it shall also have a thin wire stretched across the opening, which wire shall be so fixed to the edge of the vessel that it shall be a quarter of an inch above the surface of the flat rim. The thermometer to be used shall have a round bulb about half an inch in diameter, and is to be graduated upon the scale of Fahrenheit, every ten degrees occupying not less than half an inch upon the scale. The inner vessel shall be filled with the petroleum to be tested, but care must be taken...
Page 280 - ... ascribable to the sudden operation of mechanical force. These were especially observed in the course of a comparison of the conditions essential to the detonation of gun-cotton and of nitro-glycerine by means of particular explosive agents, (chloride of nitrogen, &c.,) as well as in an examination into the effects produced upon each other by the detonation of those two substances.
Page 229 - ... be drawn upon a hurdle from the Guildhall to his own house through the great street where there be most people assembled, and through the great streets which are most dirty, with the faulty loaf hanging from his neck...
Page 174 - I2'6 per cent, of iron in the slag would not be more than 3 per cent, of the iron operated on. '"In conclusion, I have no hesitation in stating that Heaton's process is based upon correct chemical principles : the mode of attaining the result is both simple and rapid. The nitric acid of the nitrate in this operation imparts oxygen to the impurities always present in cast iron, converting them into compounds which combine with the sodium ; and these are removed with the sodium in the slag. This action...
Page 200 - ... half an inch upon the scale. " The inner vessel shall be filled with the petroleum to be tested, but care must be taken that the liquid does not cover the flat rim. The outer vessel shall be filled with cold, or nearly cold, water; a small flame shall be applied to the bottom of the outer vessel, and the thermometer shall be inserted into the oil so that the bulb shall be immersed about one and a half inches beneath the surface.

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