The New Statistical Account of Scotland: Linlithgow, Haddington Berwick

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W. Blackwood and Sons, 1845

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Page 93 - March 1863, complained of In the said appeal, be and the same is hereby reversed ; and it Is declared that the said marriage celebrated between the resp.
Page 111 - Home lived in the closest habits of friendship. The writer of these memoirs has heard him dwell with delight on the scenes of their youthful days ; and he has to regret that many an anecdote to which he listened with pleasure, was not committed to a better record than a treacherous memory. Hamilton's mind is pictured in his verses. They are the easy and careless effusions of an elegant fancy and a chastened taste...
Page 83 - HISTORY of the colonization of the free states of antiquity, applied to the present contest between Great Britain and her American colonies.
Page 188 - what is this you have done to my brother William ?' — ' I told him,' says he, ' I should make him repent of his striking me at the yait lately.
Page 296 - ... when the fineness of the weather permitted us to keep close to the foot of the rocks which line the shore in that quarter, directing our course southwards in search of the termination of the secondary strata. We made for a high rocky point or headland, the Siccar, near which, from our observations on shore, we knew that the object we were in search of was likely to be discovered. On landing at this point, we found...
Page 172 - Binny, who was known to the garrison, and had been employed in leading hay into the fort, communicated his design to a party of Scottish soldiers, whom he stationed in ambush near the gate. In his large wain he contrived to conceal eight armed men, covered with a load of hay ; a servant drove the oxen, and Binny himself walked carelessly at his side. When the portcullis was raised, and the wain stood in the middle of the gateway, interposing a complete barrier to its descent, the driver cut the ropes...
Page 158 - July 13th, 1 68 1, for adhering to the word of God and Scotland's Covenanted work of Reformation. And also one of the hands of David Hackston of Rathillet, who was most cruelly murdered at Edinburgh^ July 3oth, 1680, for the same cause.
Page 296 - The sea coast affords a transverse section of this alpine tract at its eastern extremity, and exhibits the change from the primary to the secondary strata, both on the south and on the north. Dr Hutton wished particularly to examine the latter of these, and on this occasion Sir James Hall and I had the pleasure to accompany him. We sailed in a boat from Dunglass, on a day when the fineness of the weather permitted us to keep close to the foot of the...
Page 208 - I care not," says Logan in his correspondence, " for all the other land I have in the kingdom, if I may grip of Dirleton, for I esteem it the pleasantest dwelling in Scotland.

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