Annals of Philosophy: Or, Magazine of Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mechanics, Natural History, Agriculture, and the Arts, Volume 9

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Thomas Thomson
Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy., 1817
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Page 408 - ... the particles move round their own axes, and separate from each other, penetrating in right lines through space. Temperature may be conceived to depend upon the velocities of the vibrations; increase of capacity on the motion being performed in greater space; and the diminution of temperature, during the conversion of solids into fluids or...
Page 408 - It seems possible to account for all the phenomena of heat, if it be supposed that in solids the particles are in a constant state of vibratory motion, the particles of the hottest bodies moving with the greatest velocity, and through the greatest space; that in...
Page 448 - Explosion ; an Account of an Invention for giving Light in explosive Mixtures of Fire-Damp in Coal-Mines, by consuming the Fire-Damp ; and further Experiments on the Combustion of explosive Mixtures confined by Wire Gauze; with some Observations on Flame.
Page 166 - The mechanics and settlers of whatever description who may be hereafter permitted to form permanent residences to themselves at this place will have the highly important advantages of a rich and fertile soil, with a beautiful river flowing through it, for all the uses of man. The Governor must however add, that the hopes which were once so sanguinely entertained of this river becoming navigable to the Western Sea have ended in disappointment.
Page 206 - ... wet, this irritating effect, and it is singular, that this property of the prepared bark is known to the Javanese in all places where the tree grows (for instance in various parts of the provinces of Bangil and Malang, and even at Onarang), while the preparation of a poison from its juice, which produces a mortal effect when introduced into the body by pointed weapons, is an exclusive art of the inhabitants of the eastern extremity of the island. One of the Regents in the eastern districts informed...
Page 271 - Its operation is far more violent and rapid than that of the antshav, ind it affects the animal system in a different manner ; while the antshar operates chiefly on the stomach and alimentary canal, the respiration and circulation, the tshettik is determined to the brain and nervous system. A relative comparison of the appearances on dissection demonstrates in a striking manner the peculiar operation of each.
Page 205 - The receptacle on which the filaments are placed has a conical form, abrupt, somewhat rounded above. Female Flower. — Catkins ovate ; calix, consisting of a number of imbricate scales (generally more than in the male) containing one flower...
Page 206 - ... which the celebrated poison is prepared. A puncture or incision being made in the tree, the juice or sap appears oozing out, of a yellowish colour (somewhat frothy) ; from old trees, paler ; and nearly white from young ones : when exposed to the air, its surface becomes brown. The consistence very much resembles milk, only it is thicker and viscid. This sap is contained in the true bark (or cortex), which, when punctured, yields a considerable quantity, so that in a short time a cup full may...
Page 399 - ... the process again. In hot countries, the powder will, after each process, recover its power by drying in the sun. Ice may therefore be procured in the tropical climates, and even at sea, with very little trouble, and no sort of risk or inconvenience.
Page 209 - ... treated in the following manner by the same person who prepared the fresh juice. Being infused in as much hot water as was barely sufficient well to dissolve it, it was carefully stirred till all the particles soluble in water were taken up ; a coagulum of resin remained undissolved ; this was taken out and thrown away. The liquor was now treated with the spices above-mentioned, the pepper and the seed of the capsicum, in the same manner as the fresh juice. The same whirling motion occurred as...

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