The American Journal of Science and Arts

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S. Converse, 1834


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Page 97 - Another Flora there, of bolder hues, And richer sweets, beyond our garden's pride, Plays o'er the fields, and showers with sudden hand Exuberant spring...
Page 396 - Chemistry, Meteorology, and the Function of Digestion, considered with reference to Natural Theology.
Page 197 - The inner coat of the stomach, in its natural and healthy state, is of a light, or pale pink color, varying in its hues, according to its full or empty state. It is of a soft, or velvet-like appearance, and is constantly covered with a very thin, transparent, viscid mucus, lining the whole interior of the organ.
Page 165 - November 13th, 1833 emanated from a nebulous body which was then pursuing its way along with the earth around the sun ; that this body continues to revolve around the sun in an elliptical orbit, but little inclined to the plane of the ecliptic, and having its aphelion near the orbit of the earth ; and finally, that the body has a period of nearly six months, and that its perihelion is a little within the orbit of Mercury.
Page 197 - On applying the tongue to the mucous coat of the stomach, in its empty, unirritated state, no acid taste can be perceived. When food, or other irritants, have been applied to the villous membrane, and the gastric papillae excited, the acid taste is immediately perceptible.
Page 136 - From one o'clock AM till after daylight, there was a very unusual phenomenon in the heavens. It appeared like meteors bursting in every direction. The sky at the time was clear, the stars and moon bright, with streaks of light and thin white clouds interspersed in the sky. On landing in the morning, I inquired of the Arabs if they had noticed the above. They said they had been observing it most of the night. I asked them if ever the like had appeared before ? The oldest of them replied that it had...
Page 82 - ... practised upon ; and a skilful modification of these vocal sounds, thus limited to the glottis, into mimic speech, passed for the most part, and whenever necessary, through the cavity of the nostrils, instead of through the mouth.
Page 156 - ... off in the northwest direction, and exploded a little northward of the star Capella, left, just behind the place of explosion, a phosphorescent train of peculiar beauty. The line of direction was at first nearly straight; but it soon began to contract in length, to dilate in breadth, and to assume the figure of a serpent drawing himself up, until it appeared like a small luminous cloud of vapor.
Page 224 - The heaviest person in the party lies down upon two chairs, his legs being supported by the one, and his back by the other. Four persons, one at each leg, and one at each shoulder, then try to raise him, and they find his dead weight to be very great, from the difficulty they experience in supporting him. When he is replaced in the chair, each of the four persons takes hold of the body, as before, and the person to be lifted gives two signals by clapping his hands. At the first signal he himself...
Page 22 - Potomac" marble, or sometimes calico marble, in reference to its structure and spotted appearance. The formation from whence it is derived is said to commence near the mouth of the Monocacy River, and to extend along the Potomac to Point of Rocks, and along the valley on the eastern side of the Catoctin Mountain to within 2 miles of Frederick. The...

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