The Operative Chemist: Being a Practical Display of the Arts and Manufactures which Depend Upon Chemical Principles

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Hurst, Chance, and Company 65, St. Paul's Church-Yard., 1828 - 881 pages
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Page 577 - The bricks are placed on flat arches, having holes left in them resembling lattice - work ; the kiln is then covered with pieces of tiles and bricks, and some wood put in to dry them with a gentle fire. This continues two or three days before they are ready for burning, which is known by the smoke turning from a darkish colour to transparent.
Page 216 - TT: but in front, as in fig. 1, there is an interstice between the mass of tin connecting the ten copper sheets, and that connecting the ten zinc sheets. The screw forceps, appertaining to each of the tin masses, may be seen on either side of the interstice; and likewise a wire for ignition held between them. The application of the rope, pulley, and weights is obvious. The swivel at S permits the frame to be swung round and lowered into water in the vessel a, to wash off the acid, which, after immersion...
Page 772 - ... pink, which has a very good effect used for this purpose. For a very bright crimson, nevertheless, instead of glazing with carmine, the Indian lake...
Page 772 - They use the turpentine obtained by incision from the terminalia ver/ nix, which becomes a hard black rosin by exposure to the air. To hasten this effect it is put into very shallow bowls, and continually stirred with an iron rod during twenty-four hours, so as to expose every part to the action of the air. This makes it thicker than before, and of a fine black colour. When this lac is laid on the work and dried, it is polished, and the polished surface is ornamented by gilding or painting, which...
Page 216 - Each coil is in diameter about two inches and a half, so that all may descend freely into eighty glass jars two inches and three quarters diameter inside, and eight inches high, duly stationed to receive them. My apparatus being thus arranged, two small lead pipes were severally soldered to each pole, and a piece of charcoal about a quarter of an inch thick, and an inch and a half long, tapering a little at each extremity, had these severally inserted into the hollow ends of the pipes: The jars being...
Page 4 - Count Rumford observes, nothing surely was ever more dirty, inelegant, and disgusting than a common coal fire. Fire balls, of the size of goose eggs, composed of coal and charcoal in powder, mixed up with a due proportion of wet clay, and well dried, would make a much more cleanly, and, in all respects, a pleasanter fire than can be made with crude coals; and it is believed would not be more expensive fuel. In Flanders, and in several parts of Germany, and particularly in the duchies of Juliers and...
Page 226 - You will perceive that by means of these weights placed on different parts of the beam, I can learn the weight of any little mass from one grain, or a little more, to the -j-'j,-, of a grain.
Page 552 - ... set in a large crucible upon a quantity of the same mixture, with which the glass vessels must also be surrounded, and covered over, and the whole pressed down rather hard. The crucible is then to be covered with a lid, the junctures well luted, and put into a potter's kiln, where it remains during the whole time that the pottery is baking, after which the glass will be found changed into a milk white porcelain.
Page 226 - Pendulum vibrating Seconds of Mean Time in the Latitude of London in a Vacuum at the Level of the Sea...
Page 630 - Now, when any thing is to be gilded, it must be previously well burnished; a piece of cork is then to be dipped first into a solution of salt in water, and afterwards into the black powder, and the piece, after it is burnished, rubbed with it.

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