The Mechanics' Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal, and Gazette, Volume 15

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M. Salmon, 1831

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Page 275 - ... whosoever commands the sea commands the trade; whosoever commands the trade of the world commands the riches of the world, and consequently the world itself.
Page 144 - The Portuguese traveller, contrary to the general vein of his countrymen, has amused his reader with no romantick absurdity, or incredible fictions ; whatever he relates, whether true or not, is at least probable; and he who tells nothing exceeding the bounds of probability has a right to demand that they should believe him who cannot contradict him.
Page 42 - I lost all connection with external things ; trains of vivid visible images rapidly passed through my mind, and were connected with words in such a manner, as to produce perceptions perfectly novel. I existed in a world of newly connected and newly modified ideas : I theorised, I imagined that I made discoveries.
Page 42 - When I was awakened from this semi-delirious trance by Dr. Kinglake, who took the bag from my mouth, indignation and pride were the first feelings produced by the sight of the persons about me.
Page 325 - ... the three interior angles of' a triangle are together equal to two right angles.
Page 407 - ... have a goodly heritage; and if there is any thing lacking in the character or condition of the people of this Colony, it never can be charged to the account of the country: it must be the fruit of our own mismanagement or slothfulness, or vices. But from these evils we confide in Him, to whom we are indebted for all our blessings, to preserve us. It is the topic of our weekly and daily thanksgiving to Almighty God, both in public and in private, and he knows with what sincerity, — that we were...
Page 415 - Now Know Ye, that in compliance with the said proviso, I, the said Adolphe Nicole, do hereby declare that the nature of my said Invention, and the manner in which the same is to be performed...
Page 303 - The young men, ten in number, were tall, robust, and healthy, with good-natured countenances, which would any where have procured them a friendly reception , and with a simplicity of manner and a fear of doing wrong which at once prevented the possibility of giving offence. Unacquainted with the world, they asked a number of questions, which would have applied better to persons with whom they had been intimate, and who had left them but a short time before, than to perfect strangers, and inquired...
Page 122 - tis found, Amongst your friends, amongst your foes, On Christian or on heathen ground ; The flower's divine where'er it grows : Neglect the prickles and assume the rose.

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