Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons: Chiefly of the Last and Two Preceding Centuries, Volume 2

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T. Cadell, and W. Davies, 1804

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Page 58 - ... if I would ask my husband privately, he would tell me what he found in the packet, and I might tell her. I, that was young and innocent, and to that day had never in my mouth
Page 61 - Turks' man of war tacked about, and we continued our course. But when your father saw it convenient to retreat, looking upon me, he blessed himself, and snatched me up in his arms, saying, ' Good God, that love can make this change !' and though he seemingly chid me, he would laugh at it as often as he remembered that voyage.
Page 433 - Holy Scriptures, and am of opinion that this volume, independently of its divine origin, contains more true sublimity, more exquisite beauty, more pure morality, more important history, and finer strains of poetry and eloquence, than can be collected from all other books, in whatever age or language they may have been written.
Page 91 - He was wont to say, that wisdom lay in the heart, and not in the head ; and that it was not the want of knowledge, but the pervorscness of the will, that filled men's actions with folly, and their lives with disorder.
Page 61 - ... which would make the Turks think we were a man-of-war, but if they saw women they would take us for merchants and board us. He went upon...
Page 276 - Vanbrugh , and is a good example of his heavy though imposing style (*Lie heavy on him, Earth, for he Laid many a heavy load on thee"), with a Corinthian portico in the centre and two projecting wings.
Page 384 - I thank God that I have been enabled to come here this day — to perform my duty, and to speak on a subject which has so deeply impressed my mind. I am old and infirm — have one foot, more than one foot, in the grave — I am risen from my bed, to stand up in the cause of my country — perhaps never again to speak in this House.
Page 429 - Sir Joshua expired, without any visible symptoms of pain, on the twenty-third of February, 1792, in the sixty-ninth year of his age. "His illness," says Burke, "was long, but borne with a mild and cheerful fortitude, without the least mixture of any thing irritable or querulous ; agreeably to the placid and even tenor of his whole life. He had, from the beginning of his malady, a distinct view of his dissolution ; and he contemplated it with that entire composure, which nothing but the innocence,...
Page 141 - My Lord, I am a great deal older than your Grace, and have. I believe, heard more arguments for atheism than ever your Grace did ; but I have lived long enough to see there is nothing in them, and so, I hope, your Grace will.
Page 2 - I am weary of travelling, I am resolved to go abroad no more : but when I am dead and gone, I know not what my brother will do. I am much afraid, that when he comes to the crown, he will be obliged to travel again.

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