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To the Reader.

PERHAPS the title of this little volume may need some apology; and indeed it is rather the Publishers' choice than the Author's. He would have preferred the name of Nugae, as less likely to subject him to any charge of vanity, and "for that,” in Camden's words, "the book cannot challenge any higher title either for matter or manner of handling, being only the rude rubble and out-cast rubbish of more serious works." But he was reminded, that Deliciae bore nearly the same meaning, and that he might warn his readers that he uses it in its more modest signification of toys or phantasies.

With this explanation perhaps his design will be sufficiently obvious. The novelty and interest of collections of this kind must in a great measure depend on the course and extent of the Author's reading: the present Compiler has at least endeavoured to avoid the more common sources from which former writers of Ana have gathered their materials. That he has often drawn from fountains of Scotish history and literature will not, he trusts, be deemed a fault by those into whose hands his work is most likely to fall.


Feast of St Matthew, 1839.

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