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Dr. Baster, some small Marine Animals.. 131


R. PRINCE, unusual Agit. of the Sea 1 J. Ellis, Remarks on the same...


Mr. Holdsworth, on the same at Dartmouth 1

J. Robertson, Effect of Wedges, &c... 130

Dr. Nettis, Figures of Snow Crystals. ..., 1 Geo. Edwards, on a Nocturnal Solar Iris.. 137

Dr. Rutty, the Copper-springs in Pennsylvania 3 Dr. Garden, Prickly Pear and Indigo Plant

Abbe Mazeas, Ancient method of Painting 4 in colouring the Juices of Animals...... ibid

Dr. Parsons, on the same subject. .... 6 Sir Andr. Mitchell, Shower of Black Dust 133

M. Vernede, the Earthquakes at Maestricht 8 Ld, C. Cavendish, some New Thermometers ibid

Capt. Affleck, Agit. of the Sea at Antigua 9 Dr. Torkos, Double Female Monster...... 142

Dr. Wright, on a remarkable Fossil. .. 10 Wm. Burnet, on the conjoined Twins... 144

-on the Orthoceratites... ibid Dr. Akenside, on the Lymphatic Vessels., 115

B. Wilson, on the Leyden Experiment... Biographical Notice of Dr. Mark Akenside ibid

Biographical Notice of Mr. B. Wilson. ... ibid W. Mountaine & J. Dodson,Variat. of Need. 149

Mr. Rutherford, Agit. of the Waters... 16 Dr. Parsons, Extra. Tumours on the Head 155

Dr. Ward, Pieces of Lead with Rom. Inscrip. 17 Rd. Forster, Population of Great Shefford.. 157

Mr. Walmesley, on the Preces. and Equin. ibid Jos. Warner, Case of an Aneurism. ..... ibid

-Inequal.of the Earth's Motions 31 K. Fitzgerald. Incr. the Steam in an Engine ibid

Biographical Notice of Mr. C. Walmesley 17 J. Chevalier, Observa. of several Eclipses.. 158

J, Simon, on the Weather in Dublin .... 41 Rd. Grindall, Use of Bark in Mortifications 159

Dr. Bruni, on People overwhelmed in Snow 42 Dr. Pringle, on Ld. Walpole's Case...... 160

Dr. R. Pulteney, Rare English Plants. ... 45 Dr. Whytt, Carlsbad Wat. Lime Wat. &c. 161

Biographical Notice of Dr. Rd. Pulteney .. ibid Dr. Parsons, Fossil Bodies at Shepey...... 165

J. Ellis, on the China and Japan Varn. Tree 46 Dr. Bradley, Observations on a Comet. ... 169

Dr. Brakenridge, Population of Britain.... T. Simpson, Horary Alter. of the Earth's Eq. 170

Ja. Dodson, Annuities on Lives....

55 Dr. Huxham, Heat of the Air in July 1757 176

Abr. Trembley, Earthquake at Cologn, &c. 56 Phil. Miller, Toxicodendron and Var. Tree 177

Dr. Watson, Carlsbad Waters in Bohemia.. ibid J. Ellis, on the sanie subject, in answer..... 181

Mr. Winthorp, Earthquake in New England 62 Rd. Forster, on the Population of England.. 186

Dr. Wall, on the Malvern Waters..... 68 Dr. Brakenridge, on the same subject. ... 183

Dr. Miles, the Carlsbad Mineral Waters.. ibid Dr. Franklin, Eff. of Electricity on Paralytics 189

J. Robertson, the Specific Gravity of Men 71 D. Klinkenberg, Observations on a Comet 190

Dr. Huxham, the Gut Ileum cut through 73 J. Smeaton, Heat of the Air at Edystone, &c. 191

Dr. Peyssonel, Leprosy in Guadaloupe.... 74 Mr. Perry, on an Earthquake at Sumatra.. 192

C. Paderni, Antiquities of Herculaneum. 79 J. Robertson, Fall of Water under Bridges.. 193

Wm. Borlase, Subterraneous Trees...... 80 Wm. Borlase, an Earthquake in Cornwall 156

K. Fitzgerald, Hales's Distillation of Sea

Rd. Pulteney, on the Sleep of Plants, &c... 197

Water by the Steam Engine ...

81 Rd. Oram, Convulsive Fits from Worms.. 203

Abr. Trembley, Earthquakes, Polypes, Fossils 83 J. Gaze, on the same case.


Rd. Pulteney, on the Deadly Nightshade.. Dr. Huxham, Extr. Heat July, 1757.& its eff. 20+

J. Nixon, Antiquities at Herculaneum .... ibid J. Platt, on a Large Fossil Thighbone...... ibid

Mr. Dyer and Mr. Milles, Thunder Storm Dr. Layard, Inoculation of the Cows. 206

in Cornwall...

86 Pat. Murdoch, Trigonometry Abridged.... 210

Dr. Collet, Peat-pit near Newbury, Berks. ibid Dr. Johnstone, Extra. Cases of Gallstones. . 211

Anonimous, Alterations, Pantheon at Rome 87 Biographical Notice of Dr. James Johnstone ibid

J. Walker, New Medical Well near Moffat ibid N. Jenty, Cohesions of all the Intestines.. 214

Abr. Trembley, Thermometer at the Hague 97 Pat. Murdoch, of Geographical Maps.... 215

W. Lewis, Examination of Platina ...... ibid Wm. Mountaine, on Maps and Charts.... 218

J. Nixon, Temple of Serapis at Puzzuoli.. 106 Dr. Whytt, Effects of Blistersin Coughs &c. 220

J. Swinton, on a Parthian Coin..... 109 Jos. Warner, on Stones in the Bladder.... 225

J. Ellis, a Red Coral from the East Indies ibid Dr. Peyssonel, Naked Snail producing Purple ibid
T. Tomlinson, of a Storm at Wigton...... 112

-on Worms that Forin Sponges 2271,

J. Smeaton, effect of Lightning on a Steeple 113 Dr. Wright, on Salt of Steel ent, the Lacteals 229

Dr. Pringle, Case of Horace Ld. Walpole.. 115 J. Nixon, Antiquity of Glass in Windows 232

Dr. Whytt, on the same Case...

117 Dr. Munckley, Use of the Bark in a Fever 235

Biographical Notice of Dr. Robert Whytt.. ibid Sir J. Burrow, Earthquake in Surrey & Kent ibid
Dr. Pringle, again on the Case of Ld. Walpole 122 Biographical Notice of Sir James Burrow.. ibid

-Virtues of Soap in the Stone. . ibid Rob. Home, on a thumb torn off..... ibid

Dr. Drummond on the same subject...... 123 C. Paderni, Antiquities at Herculaneum.... 236

M. Da Costa, Impressions of Plants on Slates ibid Tho. Simpson, on Isoperimetrical Problems 238

Apothecaries, Catalogue of the 50 Plants, &c. 124 Dr. Peyssonel, Sea Alga with Broad leaves 2+1

Dr. Darwin, on the Ascent of Vapour.... ibid Capt. Chapman, Dist. Fresh from Sea Water 243

Biographical Notice of Dr. Erasmus Darwin ibid J. Wendlingen, Observ. of Lunar Eclipse.. 245

Geo. Edwards, New Species of Snipe, ... 130 : Dr. Peyssonel, Obs. of a Sliglit Earthquake ibid




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Apothecaries, Catalo. of the 50 Plants, &c. 246 Dr. Mitchell, Electrical Cohesion. i ...... 418

Dr. Watson, on the Plants called Lichen.. ibid Dr. Watson, Lyncurium of the Ancients.. 419

Capt. Chapman, Fossil Bones of an Alligator 259 J. Canton, Diurnal Variat, of the Needle.. 421

Dr. Himsel, Rare kind of Orthoceratites.. 261 Dr. Brakenridge, Sections of a Solid...... 425

Pat. Brydone, Eff. of Electricity in Diseases 262 P. Collinson, Migration of Swallows.. ibid

Dr. Ward, the Black Assize at Oxford.... 263 Ja. Short, Observations on a Comet... 423

Fa. Gaubil, Plan of-Peking in China...... 265 J. Mitchell, on the same Comet.... ibid
K. Fitzgerald, to work the Ventilators by N. Munckley, on the same.

the Steam Engine.
266 Mark Day, on the same again.


J. Dollond & J. Short, Refrangibility of Light 267 Dr. Rutty, on some Vitriolic Waters.... 429

Dr. Watson, Extra. Ef. from Contulsions 272 Krashennicoff, North-West of America.. 432

Fra. Fauquier, Storm of Hail in Virginia.. 273 T. Barker, Mutations of the Stars....... ibid

Dr. Layard, Extra. Case of a Diseased Eye 274 Dr. Hasselquist, making Sal Ammoniac.. 433

H. Ellis, Heat of the Weather in Georgia.. 277 S. C. Hollmann, Fossil Wood in Hesse, &c. 435

Tho. Simpson, on the Sums of Series...... 278 F. Beccaria, Experiments in Electricity. ... ibid

J. Chevalier, Observ. of a Lunar Eclipse.. 284 B. Franklin, on the same Experiments.... ibid

Dr. Peyssonel, the Manchenille Apple.. ibid Dr. Darwin, on an Hæmoptysis......

Wm. Ardeion, Magnetism in Brass.. 285 Dr. P. Russel, Earthquakes in Syria. 437

H. Baker, on the Sea Polypus. ..
286 Dr. Mills, on the Bovey Coal.....


Mr. Wooler, Fossil Skeleton at Whitby.... 289 Biographical Notice of Dr. Jere. Mills.. ibid

J. Swinton, Phænician Numerals..

291 Tho. Simpson, New Method of Series.... 441

Cha. Walımesley, Motions of Satellites.... 295 J. Micheli, Account of Earthquakes..... 448

Dr. Wall, Case of the Norfolk Boy.... 307 M. De la Caille, Observations on a Comet.. 472

Dr. Peyssonel, American Sea-Sun-Crown ibid Biographical Notice of the Abbe De la Caille ibid

J. Ellis, Rare Species of Barnacles....... ibid Sig. Venuti, Antiquities in Italy...... 473

Dr. Watson, Poison of Hemlock Dropwort 311 J. Nixon, on the same subject..


Dr. Forbes, Limpet Fish of Bermuda..... 313 Apothecaries, Catalogue of 50 Plants...... ibid

Dr. Morton, on the same...

ibid Dr. Parsons, the Felis Caracal of India. ... 474

T. White, on Cinnamon, Cassia, or Canella ibid Geo. Edwards, the Frog-fish of Surinam.. ibid

Fr. Blake, Greatest Effect of Engines. ..... 317 Cha. White, Case of a Broken Arm...... 475

R. Marsham, on the Growth of Trees.... 320 Dr. Brady, Bone in a Man's Pelvis..... 476

W. Borlase, Antiquities in Cornwall.... 322 Dr. Willis, on Euphorbium swallowed. ... ibid

S. Pullein, New Improved Silk-Reel. 324 Dr. Himsel, Artificial Cold at Petersburg.. 480

R. Chambers, on Staining Marble... ibid Cha. White, Lusation of the Thigh Bone.. 482.

Dr. Peyssonel, on the Sea Millepedes...... 326 J. Swinton, on a Parthian Coin....


S. Cooper, Thunder Storm at Norwich.... 327 H. Baker, Stone in a Horse's Colon. ibid

J. Colebrooke, Encaustic Painting. ... 328, 332 Sir F. H. Eyles Stiles, Anc. Greek Music 485

S. Pullein, Cocoon or Silk Pod from Amer. ibid Mat. Raper, on the Roman Foot..... ibid

Dr. Brookes, on the Weather in Maryland.. 333 K. Fitzgerald, a Metalline Thermometer.. 491

Edw. Delaval, Electrical Experiments.... 334 Geo. Edwards, a Bird between a Turkey and

Dr. Henry, Tend. and Muscles Ossified 335, 336 a Pheasant


Dr. Bevis, Account of a Comet.
337 T. Needham, Asbestos in France..


N. Munckley, on the same Comet.. ibid Dr. Bruno, Hot Baths of Vinadio.


Apothecaries, Catalogue of the 50 Plants,&c. 338 Sir Fr. Eyles Stiles, of a kind of Bees... 496

J. Smeaton, on Water Mills & Wind Mills ibid Cha. Young, a Luxated Thigh Bone. ibid

Ja. Bate, Change of Colour of a Negro.... 370 J. Swinton, on an Etruscan Coin..


Dr. Himsel, a Paralytic cured by Electricity 372 R. J. Boscovich, Transit of Venus


M. Hubner, on the Terra Tripolitana.. ibid

Biographical Notice of R. J. Boscovich.... ibid

Em. Da Costa, on the same substance. ibid N. Maskelyne, Annual Parallax of Sirius.. 50 1

Jos. Warner, Case of an Empyema.. ibid B. Wilson, Electrical Experiments.


Sig. Venuti, Antiquities in Italy..


Tor. Bergman, Electrical Observations.... 506

J. Ellis, on Preserving Seeds...

Biographical Notice of Torbern Bergman.. ibid

Dr. Dawson, Suppression of Urine.. .. 376 Dr. Pemberton, Lat. by Two Observations.. 507

Dr. Pringle, of a Fiery Meteor...... 377, 388 J. Ellis, the Plants Halesia and Gardenia.. 508

Dr. Rutty, on Mineral Waters..
392 J. Short, Eclipse of the Moon......


J. Van Rixtel, on a Storm of Thunder.... ibid S. More, Effect of Cleansing Brass Wire.. ibid

Wm. Mountaine, on the same

393 Dr. Miller, Analysis of the Bovey Coal. 512

G. Night, on the same subject.
394 S. Klingenstiern, Aberration of Light...


"Rd. Forster, on a Fiery Meteor.

ibid D. Wark, Fencing Banks with Furzes.... ibid

J. Colebrooke, on the same..

ibid T. Barker, a Remarkable Halo..... ibid

Wm. Dutton, on the same.

395 J. Winthorp, a Meteor and Whirlwind.... ibid

Jos. Warner, Stones in the Urethra.. ibid N. Maskelyne, Aberrat. of Refracted Light 517

B. Wilson, Exper. on the Tourmalin..... 396 M. De la Caille, Parallax of the Moon.... 519

R. Symmer, Exper: on Electricity... 405 N. Maskelyne, on the same subject....... 520

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J. Swinton, on a Samnite Denarius...... 521 Rd. Forster, on Noxious Animals .....

Sir F. H. Eyles Stiles, Erupt. of Vesuvius 521, 522 A. Mason, Agitation of the Sea, and Epide-

R. Mackinlay, on the same, and a Statue.. ibid mic disorder at Barbadoes...


T. W. on Halley's Tables of Lives...... 523 T. Bergman, Aurora Boreales in Sweden.. 615

K. Fitzgerald, to make Trees bear Fruit.. 524 J. Beccaria, Double Refraction in Crystals.. ibid

Dr. Gaertner, on the Urtica Marina. ... 525 Apothecaries, Catalogue of 50 Plants.. ibid

Apothecaries, Catalogue of 50 Plants....

530 W. Hudson, Schaeffer on Fungi...


Dr. Watson, on Hemlock, by Dr. Storke., ibid Biographical Notice of Mr. Wm. Hudson.. ibid

J. Swinton, on an Anthelion..

532 Wm. Borlase, Agitation of the Sea.... 621

Bp. of Ossory, Causeway at Dunbar.. 533 Dr. Huxham, Two Cases in Surgery. 623

J. Swinton, Meteor seen at Oxford...... 534 Dr. Cantwell, Extracting the Cataract. ... 625

E. M. Da Costa, Causeways in Scotland.. 535 Dr. Wollaston, Mortification of Limbs.


R. Dunthorne, Tables of Jupiter's Satellites ibid James Bones, on the same Case...


Dr, Baster, Dissertation on Zoophytes... 537 C. Mason, the going of a Clock at St. Helena 630

J. Stephens, an uncommon Phenomenon.. 537 J. Short, on the same subject....


J. Nixon, Use of Glass in Windows, &c... 539

-Observation of a Lunar Eclipse.. 632

Dr. Lysons, on the Cepphus. ...
541 Dr. Bevis, on the Eclipse...


R. More, Population of Holy Cross.. ibid Mr. Evatt, on a Mountain near Ashford.... ibid

Mr, Malloy, &c. Earthquake at Lisbon....i bid Dr. Wolfe, a Hiero Fountain in Hungary.. 633

Dr. Henry, Case of Ossified Muscles.... 542 Dr. A. Russell, on a Marine Production.... 635

K. Fitzgerald, New Barom. and Thermom. 543 N. Maskelyne, Lunar Method of Longitude 636

Dr. T. Heberden, Earthquake at Madeira.. ibid S. Dunn, on the Lunar Atmosphere...


Dr. Watson, great Artif. Cold at Petersburg 514 M. Delalande, Comet observed at Paris.... 645

N. Bliss, Transit of Venus at Greenwich.. 552 Wm. Magee, Transit of Venus at Calcutta ibid

Ja. Short, on the same, London....... 553 Dr. Wollaston, Mortification of Limbs.... 646

John Canton and Samuel Dunn, London, , 555 N. Maskelyne, on the Tides at St. Helena.. 6+7

Nevil Maskelyne, St. Helena. ...

557 M. Delalande, Lunar Method, &c...


Richard Haydon, Leskeard..

559 Ja. Short, Sun's Parallax determined 619
Peter Wargentin, Sweden.

560 Biographical Notice of Mr. James Short,. ibid

Jerome Lalande, Paris. ...,


Dr. Watson, on Conductors of Lightning.. 660

Benedict Ferner, France..

ibid Dr. Lysons, the Case of Dr. Ja. Bradly.... 663

J. Porter, Constantinople..

563 J. Canton, Compressibility of Water 665

T. Bergman, Upsal....

56+ S. Dunn, on a Solar Eclipse


M. Plaiman, Cajaneburg in Sweden. ibid Dr. Watson, Catarrh and Dysentery.

Nath. Bliss, a general Account. .

ibid J. Lulofs, Solar and Lunar Eclipses 1669
Ant. Ximenes, at Madrid.

571 Dr. Solander, on the Gardenia Plant.. ibid
M. Chappe, Tobolsk in Siberia..

ibid Biograph. Notice of Dr. Dan. Cha. Solander ibid

J. Lulofs, at Leyden...


J. Ellis, on the Cochineal Insects... 674

Dr. Frewen, a Stone from the Perineum.. ibid P. Daval, on the Sun's Distance. ... 677

Ph. Mordant, Bones of the Ears dropped out 574 P. Gabry, Observation of a Comet ibid
Dr. Nichols, Observ. on the Body of Geo.II. ibid

on a Fiery Meteor.....


Ch. Walmesley, the Planetary Motions.... 579 Wm. Milbourne, Decrease of a River 678

Dr. Watson, on Nollet's Electricity.. 580 Wm. Arderon, Quantity of Rain


Rd. Pulteney, on a very large heart. 585 Dr. Watson, Use of Electricity in a Tetanus 679

Edw. Delaval, Experiments in Electricity.. 589 Wm. Borlase, Mild Weather and Rain. ... 684

J. Ellis, of an Encrinus or Star-fish..... 590 Ja. Ferguson, Transit of Venus.


Mat. Raper, on Norwood's Measure.
593 $. Dunn, Occultation of Jupiter


M. Delalande, on the same..

594 Apothecaries, Catalogue of 50 Plants ibid

M. Pingre, Transit of Venus at Rodrigues.. 595 J. Bartram, on a Species of Wasps


Cha. Mason, the same at the C. of G. Hope ibid Tho. Dawes, on the Plague at Aleppo. 686

Latitude of the C.of Good Hope 596 Henry Horne, Observations on Sand Iron.. 689

Wm. Hirst, Transit of Venus at Madras.. ibid Dr. Pallas, on the Degree of Cold at Berlin 694

Sig. Zanotti, the same at Bologna... 597

J. Stirling, a great Darkness in America .. ibid

J. Wood, Burning Rock and Flaming Well 690 P. A. Du Pont, Remarkable Marine Insect 695

W. Borlase, Earthquake & Motion of Waters 601 M. Wargentin, on the Transit of Venus .. bid

N. Maskelyne, going of a Clock at St. Helena 604 S.Dunn, on West's Cens.

$.Dunn, on West's Cens. of Mercat. Chart 696

B. Wilson, Gems similar to the Tourmaliu 606 Biographical Notice of Mr. Samuel Dunn.. ibisk

H. More, Tides in the Gibraltar Straits.... 607 W. Mountaine, Censure of Mercator's Chart 647

Dr. Frewen, a Man Stupified by Smoke,. 603 G. D. Ehret, on a Species of Ophrys...... 701

B. Fraoklin, Electrical Experiments. 609 E. Kinnersley, Experiments in Electricity .. 702

J. Canton, on Delayal's Electrical Exper... ibid T. Bergman, on Electricity and Thunder .. 705

S. Dunn, the Horizontal Sun and Mogn.. 612 Mr. Achard, Remarks on Swallows, &c. .. ibid

J. Bartram, on an Aurora Borealis... 614 Peter Collinson, on the same.


B. Franklin, on the same,

ibid Dr. Hamilton, on the Mechanical Powers ibid

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