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November 30, 1893






MAY 1893 to OCTOBER 1893

"To the solid ground

Of Nature trusts the mind which builds for aye."-WORDSWORTH

London and New York



November 30, 1893

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November 30, 1893


ABBADIE (M. AND MME. D'), Gift to Paris Academy of Sciences by. 421

Abbe (Prof. Cleveland), Smithsonian Institution Documents, 6; Ice Columns in Gravelly Soil, 20; Charts of Storm Frequency, 140

Abbott (Dr. E. A.), Antipodean Retrenchment, 249
Abbott (Geo.), Potstones found near Seaford, 315

Abercromby (Hon. Ralph), Prize offered for study of "Southerly
Burster" by, 77

Aberration, the Constant of, Prof. Chandler, 112

Aberration, a Determination of the Constant of, Prof. Geo. C. Comstock, 460

Abney (Capt., F.R. S.), Failure of Photographic Law of Equal
Chemical Action, 285; Colours of Sky, Sun, Cloud, and
Candle Light, 333

Abraham (M.), a New Standard Condenser, 206
Academy, Belgian, Prize Subjects for 1894, 107

Acephala, Elimination of Foreign Bodies in, Henri Coupin, 484

Acoustics: The Motion of Vibrating Strings, Messrs. Krigar
Menzel and Raps, 324; Sound Interference Illustrated, C. J.
Woodward, 159; Apparatus for Demonstrating Oscillation
of Air, Prof. V. Dvorak, 13

Acquired Characters, Non-Inheritance of, Dr. Alfred R.
Wallace, F. R.S.. 267; Dr. C. Herbert Hurst, 368
Actinometer, the Electrochemical, M. Rigollot, 38
Adams (Prof. F. D.), the Norian Rock of Canada, 298
Adams (Prof. John Couch), Memorial to, 107
Adelaide, Meteorological Observations (1890) in, 132
Adler (Hanna), a Substitute for Ampère's Swimmer, 370
Adriatic, Earthquake on Shores of, 376

Aerial Navigation, 502

Aeronautics: Thermometer Soundings in the High Atmo. sphere, W. de Fonvielle, 160; New Flying Apparatus, Otto Lilienthal, 571; Chicago Congress on Aerial Navigation, 596

Exiology and Life-History of some Vegetal Galls and their Inhabitants, on the, C. B. Rothera, 575

Africa: Death and Obituary Notices of W. Cotton Oswell, 62; the Arrow-Poison of East Equatorial Africa, Dr. T. R. Fraser, F.R.S., and Dr. Joseph Tillie, 92; Oil Rivers Protectorate renamed Niger Coast Protectorate, 112; Adoption of Responsible Government by Natal, 112; Gun and Camera in Southern Africa, H. Anderson Bryden, 125; Capt. Stairs' Katanga Expedition, Dr. Moloney, 135; Report of South African Museum, 207; South-West Africa, Count Pfeil, 301; the Alleged Death of Emin Pasha, 356, 481; Return of Rev. R. P. Ashe, 356; Geographical Society established at Tunis, 356; Projected Railway in French Congo, 380; Commencement of the Central African Telegraph Line, 380; Habits of South African Animals, Dr. Alfred Wallace, F.R.S., 390; Dr. Gregory's Expedition to Lake Baringo, 397; Return of Dr. J. W. Gregory, 618; Return of Mr. Selous to Mashonaland, 426; Discovery of Temple on the Limpopo, R. M. W. Swan, 426; Proposed Exploration of Uganda by Mr. Scott Elliott, 444; Death of Surgeon-Major Parke, 481; Geology of Central East Africa, Walcot Gibson, 533; Dr. Baumann's Exploration to NorthEast of Lake Tanganyika, 548; Resurvey by Mr. Mohun of Lake Leopold II., 601

Afterglows in Spain, Prof. Augusto Arcimis, 29

Agassiz (Louis), his Life and Work, Charles Frederick Holder, Prof. T. G. Bonney, F.R.S., 52

Agriculture: Agricultural Education, Durham College of Science Scholarships, 36; Photographs Relating to Working

of Rothamsted Laboratory, 63; the Rothamsted Jubilee
Fund, 228; the Rothamsted Jubilee, 289, 296, 327; the
Quantities of Water contained in Arable Lands after a Pro-
longed Drought, MM. Demoussy and Dumont, 72; the
Principles of Agriculture, G. Fletcher, 73; Journal of Royal
Agricultural Society of England, 91; the Disadvantages of
Irrigation, W. Roe, 110; Hawks and Owls the Farmer's
Friends, Dr. A. K. Fisher, 133; Agriculture-Teaching in
Russian Schools, 156; the Future of British Agriculture, Prof.
Sheldon, 174; Relation of Number of Eyes on Potato Seed
Tuber to Crop obtained, J. C. Arthur, 353; Cattle-Poisoning
Species of Homeria (Cape Tulip) in Victoria, Dr. McAlpine,
378; Statistics for 1891-2 of Cattle Losses in Madras, 424;
Statue of Duhamel-Dumonceau, 596

Air Pump, a New Form of, Prof. J. J. Thompson, 529
Aitken (John), Breath Figures, 71

Alaska and the Adjacent Islands, Grasses of the Pacific Slope, including, Dr. Geo. Vasey, 411

Alaska, the Alleged Undiscovered Island off North, 356
Algæ, some Protococcoidæ, Al. Artari, 92
Allaire (H.), Chloroborate of Iron, 119

Allen (E. J.), Nephridia of Decapod Crustacea, 115

Allen (J. Romilly), Origin and Development of Early Christian Art, 558

Alpine Guide, an, 314

Alpine Lakes, Glacier Theory of, Graham Officer, 198; Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace, F.R.S., 198

Alps, the Iodine Value of Sunlight in the High, Dr. S. Rideal, 529

Altehoefer (Herr), Bactericidal Action of Peroxide of Hydrogen 599

Altschul (Herr), Critical Constants of Fatty and Aromatic Hydrocarbons, 2c6

Amagat (E. H.), Crystallisation of Water by Decompression below Zero, 632

Amazon Basin Scientific Expedition, Projected, 601 Amber, Burmite, a New Variety of, Dr. Noetling, 13 Amber, the Indian Origin of Ancient, A. B. Meyer, 422 America: An American Text-Book of Physics, Geo. F. Barker, Prof. Oliver Lodge, F.R.S., 1; Astronomy Popularised in America, 15; American Meteorological Journal, 20, 140, 239, 583, 631; American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 38; American Journal of Science, 70, 187, 309, 431, 535, 631; American Journal of Mathematics, 140, 606; University and Educational Endowment in America, W. T. Thiselton-Dyer, F.R.S., 248; North American Butterflies, Samuel Hubbard Scudder, W. F. Kirby, 338; the Fungus Gardens of certain South American Ants, John C. Willis, 392; the Geography of South America, 425; American Cyclone of August 28 and 29, the, 444; American Association for the Advancement of Science, Dr. William H. Hale, 460; Meeting at Madison, Wisconsin, 460; Dr. Daniel G. Brinton on the Earliest Men, 460; Section A (Astronomy and Mathematics), Prof. Doolittle on Variations of Latitude, 451; Latitude Deter mination at Bethlehem in 1892-3, 460; Prof. Geo. C. Comstock on a Determination of the Constant of Aberration, 460; Section B (Physics), Prof. Wm. A. Rogers on the Morley Interferential Comparator, 461; Profs. Macfarlane and G. W. Pierce on the Electric Strength of Solid Liquid and Gaseous Dielectrics, 461; Joseph O. Thompson on Fatigue in the Elasticity of Stretching, 461; Section C (Chemistry), Prof. Morley's Final Determination of the Atomic Weight of Oxygen, 461; Section D (Mechanical Sc'ence and Engineering), Prof. J. J. Stevenson on the Use of the term Catskill, 462; Frank Leverett on Changes of Drainage in the Rock


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